2006 Disney On Ice CD


Attended a Disney On Ice Show today (Princess Wishes-it was quite good) and found a new CD. It's titled Disney On Ice 25th Anniversary. Liner notes inside has pictures from all the shows. It has Mickey and Minnie skating on the cover and has 26 tracks. It has some odd tracks. They are-
When You Wish Upon a Star
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
I'm Late
Step in Time
You Can Always Be Number One
I've Got No Strings
Sorcerer's Apprentice
Following the Leader
Ducktales Theme Song
Rescue Rangers Theme Song
Be Our Guest
Friend Like Me
I'm Wishing
Second Star to the Right
Colors of the Wind
You've got a Friend in Me
Zero to Hero
Under the Sea
Mickey Mouse March
You'll Be in My Heart
When She Loved Me
If I Didn't Have you
Three Little Fishes
It's a Small World


Are these actual Disney on Ice show tracks, or are they just the original versions from the actual movies and attractions that have been released before?


They are the original versions of the songs. I have been to several Disney On Ice Shows and they tend to mix original tunes with re-recorded versions. And yes, there were a few of these songs in the show I saw yesterday.


After listening to this CD in full, a few of these songs are re-recordings. Colors of the Wind, You've Got Friend In Me, and a few more, are a few I noticed that sounded different. There are few liner notes about who is performing, etc., so there is no written information about who is re-recording the song.

Anyway, thought some collector's might want to keep an eye out to add it to their collection.