20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

I'm trying to document what was played at the attraction. It's tough because there's very little out there and different versions of what is available. I'm mostly interested in the queue loop with the narration. The version I have runs 15:15 and I'm thinking it's not complete.

Updates: Thanks to @wedroy1923 and @Horizons, they've been able to track down some missing track titles and dialogue. I've also been able to ID a 9th track that fades out in the loop. There seems to have been two different queue loops throughout the attraction's short career.

1. Unknown Track [1:22]
"How old is the earth? How was it formed? These and other questions about our watery planet have intrigued man since the beginning of time. As far as we know the oceans have existed for some 4 and a half billion years and for about the last 100 million years the sea has been a living, dynamic world, shaping and reshaping continents. Geologically speaking, mountains have been raised then worn away by falling and running water; the debris carried onto the lowlands then back to the sea. Our marine scientists at Vulcania believe that the cerements below the waves contain a continuous record of terrestrial history, and to this end we keep probing the ocean floor."

2. Oh Johnny Comes to Hilo [2:31]
Album: Disneyland Forever
"To primitive man, the oceans were merely a source of fear, fascination, and fish. About three millenniums ago, the seas became a highway of which to carry national power and culture as well as trade. The history of civilization is largely the story of sea-fearing men who quested for ever follow shores. They saw the ocean as a wilderness and a challenge. They used the sea but only on its' terms. Now we appear to be on the verge of taming the restless sea."

"As you cruise 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, consider the many things we have yet to learn about this boundless realm of liquid space."

3. Maid of Amsterdam (A Rovin') [1:38]

4. Fathoms Below [2:10]
"If there are intelligent beings on other planets, they might very well have a different name for our earth. Perhaps Oceanis would be more appropriate. For from their vantage point they can see the vast areas of water that cover over 70% of the surface of this oasis in space. This vast unkempt region of earth presents a new and compelling challenge. But it is more than a source for historical curiosity. Someday, it could be a source of survival of a human race."

5. Staten Island Hornpipe [1:41]
Album: the Wind In the Rigging
"If man is to reap the bounty of the deep, he must learn all he can about the ocean and its' contents. To this end our marine laboratory in Vulcania is stepping up their research capabilities. The sophisticated diving methods and saturation diving techniques of the Nautilus have dramatically increased the time man can live comfortably and for long periods in the ocean depths. It seems safe to assume that one day future generations will be released from their terrestrial bonds and achieve absolute freedom in liquid space."

"We hope that this voyage you are about to take, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, will stimulate your interest in the phenomenon of life and the ocean depths."

6. Unknown Track [1:48]

7. Farewell to Grog [1:54]
"Modern man's most compelling interest in the ocean lies in its' great potential for numerous resources, not only of protein-rich food but also in the wealth of minerals, energy, and drugs. Our recent explorations have reveled vast deposits of minerals that can be mined. At Vulcania we have kept the ending flow of the tides to produce clean and efficient electric power. One of the most promising areas of investigation is in the field of marine biomedicine. We are discovering many antibiotics and other useful drugs in ocean organisms. There are many, many other potentialities that can be found in the earth's last frontier. But we must always keep in mind that the bounty of the sea is not limitless. Man must be prudent in his exploration and utilization of this last, great storehouse of natural wealth."

8. Drunken Sailor [1:53]
Album: Disneyland Forever (not WDWF)

9. A Whale of a Tale [1:43]
Album: Disneyland Forever (not WDWF)

You really can't recreate the loop without Nemo's narration but its still great to have everything documented. For a script of the ride and photos of its' demise, visit this great site. If anyone has anything to add, whether it's track titles or dialogue, please let me know. thanks. Stand by to dock!