i was recently listening to some internet "material" for the magic ford skyway, there is a track called "Auto Parts Harmonic" has anyone listend to this...it has a lot of he same melody as the song about cleaning up litter in the park that was sung by a park ranger with some bears that was part of a disney cartoon i have seen...it went something like...pick it up put it in the bag bump bump.??? anyone recall the cartoon or the ford track im mentioning.

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Yeah that Auto Parts harmonic used that piece from the Humphrey the bear Cartoon, "In the Bag" as well as the song "Nineteen Twenty Five" which originated on the Mickey Mouse Club. George Bruns composed the third selection "Parts Inc." and arranged the three pieces as a whole.


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You should really check out POV's excellent issue on Disney at the World's Fair. It's extremely well-researched and there's a great section on the music for all the pavillions. Definitely worth the price of admission!

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The cartoon is called, "In the Bag". Not sure what the song is called, though the Humphrey Hop sounds familiar.
just realized...if u listen track 8 of that same set....the music is that used in the absent minded professor....right when he first "takes flight"


and if your realy smart one of the tracks from the ford show was used later as the opening credit music in the jungle book