1313 South Harbor Blvd. Links Down

I was checking through www.1313southharborblvd.com and down below there were links to Disneyland park audio and some rare treats. I clicked on one of the links to hear some classic Disneyland audio, but all of a sudden, it says "The page cannot be found". Those links are still down, has anyone have any problems with links from the 1313 South Harbor Blvd. site?


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Yeah, I never found about the site before all those albums were taken down. I'd like to know where else to get them.
yup the site went down i believe last year...it was one of those...better download it now before its gone places....great stuff... a lot of never before and still not available tracks...
Yes. I am sorry to say that the guy, HitchHiking Ghost passed away. If you want to find his stuff, check the newsgroups, specifically the DISNEY PARKS group.