100 years of magic theme


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does anyone know where can i can get the theme to the 100 years of magic parade.my daugter loves the 25 years of magic parade theme and im trying to get her all excited for our next disney trip.........does anyone know where i can get the 100 theme...........would really help
It's available on CD - I picked one up at Epcot (Mousegear) last fall. Track listing is:
(copied from http://home.cfl.rr.com/wdwsongarchive/100years.htm )


[1] 19:28 Share a Dream Come True Parade
[2] 11:33 Disney Stars and Motor Cars
[3] 18:20 Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade
[4] 5:17 Fantasy: When You Imagine, Fantasy
[5] 4:18 ShowBiz: Thanks to the Academy, Spotlight on a Dream
[6] 3:45 Discovery: Tapestry of Dreams, Discovery
[7] 4:39 Adventure: Party Safari, Rhythm of One
[8] 3:56 Share a Dream Come True

Copies of the music may be floating around the 'net, although I haven't seen any recently.

I'd recommend you get the CD, though. It's great CD, although I was hoping for the full version of Tapestry of Dreams. I believe there is a phone number which you can use to order a copy directly from WDW. Hopefully someone else can fill you in on that. Good luck and enjoy your next trip!



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Hey what the symphony suites that were supposed to coincide with the 100 year celebration?, also what is the # for WDW mail order? Thanks, frank :eek:
Ok - I found this info searching the forums at WDWMagic.com ...

I've never tried this before, so I can't vouch for it.

Re: the symphony suites, I'm not sure what you're referring to. The only thing I can think of is on the CD, they have a "Suite of Dreams", composed of variations on each park's parade theme, as well as a 5th general 100 years theme. Hope that helps - innoventionseast


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yes i am trying for the disneyworld theme........please anyone.......i want to download it .........already tried kazaa.....no luck......anything else?? any other website?
I downloaded the full cd of Magic In The Streets - Parade Memories from Audiogalaxy. Audiogalaxy deleted everything. Yes, I download the songs and burn them to cd. I know there are people saying "If you buy them that means they will produce more." That is a bowl of crap. There was a article in my paper about Disney, and they get $11 million for a Christmas bonus, Yes you read right. In 2001, they did not get any bonus and now they are pissed. I'm not going to give my hard earned my to them just to make them richer.