1. thx99

    WDW Mickey Avenue

    Disney's Hollywood Studios • Mickey Avenue Mickey Avenue Area Music (c. 2001 to Present Day) 01. End Title 5:05 [✄ to ≈4:34] Danny Elfman The Nightmare Before Christmas B000IFRQHC end-title/id201458414?i=201458503 B0013AEKQG 02. Lessons 6:59 [✄ to ≈1:03] Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe...
  2. wedroy1923

    WDW Hall of Presidents Rotunda [1993]

    Magic Kingdom • Liberty Square Hall of Presidents Rotunda Music (c. 1993 to Present Day) 01. The President's March (Hail, Columbia) 1:34 Chestnut Brass Company Hail to the Chief! B0000029QW 02. President Martin Van Buren's Grand March 1:55 Chestnut Brass Company Hail to the Chief! B0000029QW...
  3. wedroy1923

    WDW Great Movie Ride Exterior [1989]

    Disney-MGM Studios • Hollywood Boulevard Great Movie Ride Exterior Area Music [1989] (c. 1989 to c. 2001) 01. Over the Rainbow 3:12 John Williams & the Boston Pops Orchestra Aisle Seat: Great Film Music B0000040VT album/over-rainbow-from-wizard-oz/id251517896?i=251517942 B0018P2QR6 02. Main...