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  1. Disney Audiophile

    Anyone Having Problems Ripping the World's Fair CDs?

    I direct all your attention to this wikipedia article. This disc set, or at least my pressing were done on ifpi discs (look on the disc itself for the ifpi logo). Intresting read. :wub: To add insult to injury, Disney also seems to...
  2. Disney Audiophile

    Help identifying Bruce Broughton track

    Hi X-S, This is a selection from One Man's Dream - Film (which currently plays at Walt Disney World - Disney's Hollywood Studios). I know this track comes direct from that film, for I used to work at this attraction. I believe this video should help you identify the selection and where it was...
  3. Disney Audiophile

    New Film Uses Illuminations Music

    Re: New film uses "Illuminations" music Love it...
  4. Disney Audiophile

    Questions On ALD Recording & Digital Audio Recording Devices

    I've noticed many many good recordings from I believe members of this board and of others and was highly interested in this practice. Would those of you who do these types of recordings share your setup of equipment? I would love to start doing this kind of documentation of audio through the parks.
  5. Disney Audiophile

    Req: Magic in the Stars "Here at Disneyland"

    Ugh... Mortal Kombat. Worst idea ever.