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    Disney Theme Park Songs: The TOP-10 Best and Worst?

    For some reason I also wanted this here: My TOP-10 Favourite Disney Theme Park Attraction/Show Scores 1. Ellen’s Energy Adventure (Epcot, Bruce Broughton) 2. Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage (Tokyo DisneySea, Alan Menken) 3. Space Mountain – de la Terre à la Lune (1992 Disneyland Paris, Steve...
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    Disney Theme Park Songs: The TOP-10 Best and Worst?

    I tried to search for a similar topic, but couldn't find much. However, if this kind of discussion already excists, let me know (and delete this)! For many years I have tried to figure out why I like some songs and hate others. If anyone of you figure out some kind of pattern (music theory?)...
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    Sindbad's Storybook Voyage

    I totally fell in love with Sindbad's Storybook Voyage, when I visited TDR for the very first time some four weeks ago. I say it honestly: I have never been moved to tears by ANY Disney attraction (with the exception of one firework show and one evening parade) - but in the Sindbad ride I nearly...
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    Park Composer Credits

    Yes, I am aware of that - but call me old-fashioned; I want it on CD. :D There's a little error in my previous post, but for some reason I can't edit it anymore: It was naturally Richard Bellis who composed/adapted the score for Tokyo DisneySea's "20,000 Leagues" (not George Wilkins). :) KEN
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    Park Composer Credits

    Didn't he also arrange / adapt the original "Believe... There's Magic in the Stars" fireworks show? A further question about "Believe... There's Magic in the Stars": WHO composed the music / wrote the lyrics for the theme song? (The darn 2000 Disneyland album gives a mile-long list of credits...
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    Pete's Dragon Soundtrack is Awesome!!!

    Katybug, I don't know if Kasha & Hirschhorn did music for any other Disney film, but at least they wrote the theme song for EPCOT's UNIVERSE OF ENERGY, as well as the Oscar-winning songs "The Morning After" for THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (1972) and "We May Never Love Like This Again" for THE...