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    Saving Disney Park Albums from Being Deleted on Wikipedia

    Probably a dumb question, but what happened to the album info section from the Magical Music of the Mouse/Trent era?
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    Guest Relations Listings

    Here are a few I don't think were posted: Frank
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    Mickey's Street Party

    Found this on youTube, from 1985
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    Dirk, Yes that was what I was looking for. I guess I'll have to take a Saturday and figure it out. Movie on the TV, CD on the stereo, and go back and forth. The vocals should be fairly easy, it's that group of instrumentals on the tail end of the CD that might take a while. Once I figure it...
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    Does anyone know of a site where I can find the order that music is used in the film, as opposed to the reordering used on the soundtrack albums. Most of the animated film soundtrack albums put the vocal pieces first, then the instrumental tracks. Specifically looking for "Cars" info. TIA...
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    A Musical History of Walt Disney World (ideas)

    This is like deja vu all over again. Here's a a rough track listing for an idea I was toying with a long time ago. Please, no how comes? or why for's?, because this is thefirst time I've opened this file in six years!! Disc One - It All Started With A Mouse Quotes from Walt, Roy O?s...
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    EPCOT Album Cover

    Nope, missed that completely. Thanx much! ;D Frank
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    EPCOT Album Cover

    Does anyone have any good scans of the front and back of the 1983 Album of EPCOT Center? TIA ???
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    Donald Duck's 50th Birthday Parade (downloads)

    Um, you mean this one? ??? Special Bonus!!!! 15 Years Castle Show Main Theme: :o Sorry, not source :-
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    TDL CD "Disney's Brass Band"?

    Maybe not TDL, but it sure looks like it's from WDR Japan. Listed on this site: Might be time to learn Japanese. :) Also listed on Amazon, but with no details and as unavailable . ??? Frank
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    TDL CD "Disney's Brass Band"?

    Did a search and came up empty. I know it's from Japan, released in 2002. Appreciate any input. TIA Frank
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    Fountain of Nations Question

    Thanx!! ;D
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    Fountain of Nations Question

    There is a track available at various websites labeled "Fountain of Nations - Mickey's Show". Is this the same as the Fountain track "Mickey's Finale from Around the World with Mickey Mouse"? TIA for any input. :) Frank
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    Hey check this Dis audio file site out

    All the tracks I've posted to that thread that are "live" are desribed in the posts as "Camcordings". Frank ;) as vonpluto
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    O' Canada - Musical Score

    I don't remember where I came across the info, but supposedly there was a different version of the film called "Portraits of Canada". It premiered somtime in March of 1987 and was gone by the end of the year. Frank
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    CDs I got in Japan

    Nice collection ! Interesting, that the original "DL/WDW Oficial Album" is still available in Japan, but has not been available stateside since Mickey was in his fifties!! Farnk
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    Disney MGM Studios Enertainment

    Here's some info I have, it's incomplete, and some of the dates are probably different: ?Backlot Theater 1992 - 6/93? - 6/94? Beauty and the Beast 3/95 - 2/96 Spirit of Pocahantas 6/96 - 9/02 Hunchback of Notre Dame Pre-Soundstage Theater ?Soundstage Resturant 5/89 - 11/98...
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    WDW Song Archive

    For those that remember Craig's WDW Song Archive, it's still available here: Last update appears to have been in 2002 Frank
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    Elusive Audio Files

    Taken from a camcorder tape, two 15 Years tracks: Castle show: Parade: Frank
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    Questions about an old park film

    Try this: Frank