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    Playlist Contemporary Resort

    Interesting question. That's one resort that I've never associated with music. Glad someone else asked it, and that someone had an answer. I have a ton of music, but nothing at all from the Contemporary, nor have I seen any out there so far.
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    Playlist Wilderness Lodge

    Many thanks for all of the great information you provided! The snipped you linked isn't the one I'm thinking of. I heard the track one time on an internet station and wrote down the name. I need to go back and find that paper. Then find the track :)
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    Playlist Wilderness Lodge

    Walking into this thread a year late (wow, nearly exactly a year). I tried scrolling through previous posts here but didn't spot it immediately, so I'll try posting here. There is one piece of Wilderness Lodge music that I never hear as part of the loop. Again, maybe there are different loops...