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    Commercially Available Parks Music

    Great resource. Thank you!
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    Commercially Available Parks Music

    Wow, amazing! Been looking for these since I saw the live stream. Harmonious is the most beautifully-produced park soundtrack I've heard in a long time. And while I should be happy that it's out and I don't have to continue listening to my copy from youtube with fireworks sounds in it, I'm...
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    WDW 50th Box Set?

    No noise on this yet? Getting close.
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    Splash Mountain 'How Do Ya Do' Bluegrass

    Not sure if this is it, I'm sure you've done an exhaustive search, but I have something that sounds like what you're referring to. I don't know how I can upload it on here. Is that possible?
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    Commercially Available Parks Music

    Great stuff. Do you just periodically search for park names to see what's newly released? Frustrating that releases like these aren't promoted by Disney, unless I'm not looking in the right places.
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    Commercially Available Parks Music

    Just revisiting. I notice the theme from Mickey's Runnaway Railway is pretty disappointing as a cost/value. The track is only about a minute. With all the hype over this new earworm song that they no doubt created tons of music for throughout the entire attraction, a full mix would have been...
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    Commercially Available Parks Music

    Wow, I have the Circle Sessions, but everything else is new to me. Pretty frustrating that you have to dig to find some things. I'd rather buy commercially than download from torrents, but I'd never know this stuff was available. Meanwhile, the Disney Music Emporium has the Jo Jo Rabbit OST. How...
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    Commercially Available Parks Music

    I don't necessarily have a preference for digital or physical media, but the easiest way for me to see if something is available is a digital search (iTunes, amazon). I've found recently that some of the great new additions to theme park music is a bit hidden. Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway...
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    America On Parade... Randy?

    While on the subject of coveted parades, one that has never surfaced nor have I heard anyone talk about it is the WDW Surprise Celebration parade for its 20th anniversary. I'm really amazed, cause it's so great. Along the line of Party Gras (in fact it used the same huge balloons). Check it...
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    The World's Fair Set and More

    "I hope it does really well for WDR so that more stuff like this can be released in the future." My thoughts exactly, Gurgitoy2. I hope that everyone goes out to buy this set so that Randy and the folks at WDR can get paid for their hard work. Yes, it was leaked online, but I think there's no...
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    Tokyo Disneyland cds on iTunes

    I saw this on resortathome and went to town last night. The problem turns out to be that even if you switch to the japaneese itunes store, I still couldn't buy it because my account is only allowed to make purchases in the us store. If anyone finds out how to do this, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaase let us...
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    WDW 20th parade. Is it out there anywhere?

    I'm surprized in all of the sites that have audio, I haven't been able to find the soundtrack to a parade that would complete my collection. The 20th anniversary surprise celebration parade. This is a fun upbeat parade that rivals Disneyland's Party Gras. The only time I heard it was by...