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    Mickey's PhilharMagic Queue

    Re:Mickey's Philharmagic Queue Loop Ques! Just got back from WDW. We basically ran into Philharmagic as it was starting, so I didn't get to hear all the queue music, but I can say that the overture to "Return to Neverland", which incorporates tunes from the 1953 film, was used. My...
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    Wonderland Music CD Question

    I've tried the scan button trick, but I still can't get to the Barker Bird. Is there a possibility it isn't on my cd? Thanks!
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    Country Bears need some aural refurbishment

    I noticed the sound problems when I was there about three weeks ago. I thought it was a bad speaker.
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    Disney-MGM Loops

    Hey! I recently visited Disney-MGM and loved the gorgeous orchestral arrangements of movie tunes being piped into Hollywood Boulevard. I especially loved the version of "The Shadow of Your Smile." Anyone know the sources of these recordings? Thanks! miKeY