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    some soundtracks that we need on cd

    I have made coments about this before. Maybe if we insist they can see that there's people who demand this kind of product... there are some disney soundtracks that we do not have access to. Titles like 1. Saludos Amigos 2. The 3 Caballeros 3. Make Mine Music 4. Melody Time 5. The Sword in the...
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    Best Disney Singer?

    JULIE ANDREWS, without question. I miss her voice so much. I hope she gets well and sings again soon.
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    Disney Soundtracks

    I wish Randy was working on The 3 Caballeros and Saludos Amigos. All in the same CD. Also, Make Mine Music, Fan and Fancy Free and Melody Time. I would love to have all their tracks together...
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    music exchange

    ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE.... TRENT!!! Let us do it!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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    Treasure Planet Trailer

    ;) Well, my Disney friend... this music in the trailer is from FAR AND AWAY, by John Williams. Remember the movie, with Tom Cruise and his wife at the time, Nicole? I hope this post helps I guess this music is being used only for this trailer. By the way, the movie looks AMAZING, TERRIFIC...
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    Lilo & Stitch Soundtrack

    ::) Well, I got the soundtrack, indeed, and... let me think... I do love the first title, with that choir of kids on the background. I think that the score-instrumental tracks should have been more. I miss more contents in the cd, like in Atlantis, for instance. There's much more score than...
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    Lilo and Stitch Limited CD

    :-* For those of you who know anything about it, what makes this COLLECTOR'S EDITION of LILO & STITCH different than the regular release of the soundtrack? Is it numbered and with a Hologram, like Atlantis? thank u, guys!
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    :o SEE EVERYBODY? We all want those soundtracks. I do not really understand the copyright problems that Disney could have. I wish someone at the company explain to us if that's the actual reason why these albums haven't been released yet. I hesitate to think that's why, honestly. I have some...
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    ??? Since Disney is releasing many soundtracks that were dusted in their vault, I have a question and at the same time, a suggestion. When is Disney going to release the wonderful soundtrack of THE 3 CABALLEROS? I bet it would be successful, due to the quality of the songs and score. And I also...
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    Walt Disney Treasures, Wave 2

    Come on, Scarecrow. You cannot earn your ears if you remain that depressed. i bet the project has been delayed. You know that sooner or later Disney is going to release EVERYTHING in their vault. :o
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    OT: Disney DVD goes Full-frame

    >:( I have made up my mind. I am not going to buy any disney DVDs that don't respect the original aspect ration. Don't you think it's terrible that they will CUT the sides of SLEEPING BEAUTY? I won't support that, definitely, by spending my time and money at all. This are sad news.
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    Walt Disney Treasures, Wave 2

    ;D This is definitely great news. I cannot wait to watch the Wartime productions. And yes, I also agree that they should not be "cut" at all. they are not as racist and as controversial as many Looney Tunes or the Private Snafu short films. I have some of these cartoons, and I bet that disney...
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    Parades CD

    If you had to make a CD with Disney music from the theme-parks parades, which ones would you choose? Thank you! ;D