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    some soundtracks that we need on cd

    I have made coments about this before. Maybe if we insist they can see that there's people who demand this kind of product... there are some disney soundtracks that we do not have access to. Titles like 1. Saludos Amigos 2. The 3 Caballeros 3. Make Mine Music 4. Melody Time 5. The Sword in the...
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    ??? Since Disney is releasing many soundtracks that were dusted in their vault, I have a question and at the same time, a suggestion. When is Disney going to release the wonderful soundtrack of THE 3 CABALLEROS? I bet it would be successful, due to the quality of the songs and score. And I also...
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    Parades CD

    If you had to make a CD with Disney music from the theme-parks parades, which ones would you choose? Thank you! ;D