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    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    Another sad story about EAC.... You may recall in mid 2007 a 5 disc fan made CD set being released at Rodentsections to celebrate Epcots 25th. It was pulled later due to copyright concerns. Well, guess what EAC is now SELLING? What infuriates me is several of MY mixes and recordings, of which...
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    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    Interesting discussion. And one that is very current. For the record, I have never asked for or made a dime (or penny) from my videos. I do it for my love of the parks and my wish to record for posterity current shows and attractions, and to show those who missed old attractions what the fuss...
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    IllumiNations 1993 Version?

    Yes. Search for IllumiNations - the Original
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    Wendy Carlos' Epcot Closing Music

    I recall having a track labled the same too - track 18 if I recall. No info has surfaced proving this was used in the park, and I don`t recall it from `87 or `90 either (and my video from `90 backs this up) The first 3 minutes sound plausible, but then it dosn`t exactly sound like closing...
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    Epcot's "We're Getting Ready For You" Video

    Re: Epcot's "We're Getting Ready For You" Video And as a note - the track at MB has an extended ending not used in the video :)
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    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    Re: The Wonderful World of Dave O'Neal Why thank you! :D I do my best. The highest res versions are at Rodentsections as torrent files, at 720x576 (newer ones) or 640x480 (older ones) - I will get to HD one day, but with the older footage there isn`t much point. The divx files at...
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    NEW O'Canada Film, first showing today at 11 AM :) Spoilers ahead

    From Time to Time ;) Any confirmation yet whether the new O'Canada! ALD has the score and narration?
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    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    Re: Extinct Attractions Question I do. Mine however are for free.... :angry:
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    The voice of the Peoplemover

    I can confirm I`ve heard both ORAC-1 and Wagner recordings from WDWs WEDway with The Monorail song playing underneath. Hoping the amdpb files can make it MosueBits... I assume your reffering to a newsgroup? Never could get into them. IRC? Yes. Torrents? No problem. Newsgroups? Grrrr.. :)
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    "Magic, Music & Mayhem" Source Audio

    As Club33 said, I was asked not to release the source audio clean. I purposely degraded it with synced live firework noise - which by it`s very nature is bound to have some guest noise too. The Megaupload file above is indeed this mix; source music with live fireworks mixed at the appropiate...
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    No, Canada

    Thank you. You`re welcome to the audio only.... it`s on some servers here and there but if you can help spread it around (!) email me at the addy I posted above and I`ll YouSendIt you.
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    No, Canada

    Late to the party... but I`ve taken the aforementioned live, guest-free tracks with permission (thanks guys) and Kirkys narration ALD, added a few other little `tricks` and done a new mix of the show audio... it`s on my Canada at EPCOT - Martins Ultimate Tribute v2 video, free from...
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    Hong Kong Disneyland

    I did a live audio mix for my video edit of the show (Disney in the Stars) - it came out quite well IMHO. The vid is available (for free, as always) at Rodentsections.
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    CinéMagique [DLRP]

    Re:Cinemagique source audio? I can vouch the theme floating round is from the attraction. It`s also looped outside the theatre.
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    CinéMagique [DLRP]

    Re:Cinemagique source audio? All I`ve found is one 2 minutes or so general theme. If I had the source audio I`d need to find a watchable video to go with it - this attraction rates as one of the most no-taping-rule-enforced ones in DLP or WDW.
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    O' Canada - Musical Score

    After a bit of digging, I discovered the song used instead of O`Canada is called "Canada - This is my home" by Bob Buckley. The vocal version became the unofficial anthem of Expo 86, and is similar to O`Canada from Epcot; a male and female alternate duet, French and English vocals, and even a...
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    O' Canada - Musical Score

    I havn`t heard of Portraits of Canada before; O`Canada was certainly showing in August 1987.
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    O' Canada - Musical Score

    As far as I knew, only the 1982 O`Canada was ever used. Maybe if you can release the recording ;) we could know more?
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    The Magic Of WDW plus other selections (downloads available)

    These are great! Thank you so much! I`d love to find the source audio used in 1984`s "Follow us to Walt Disney World" video - specifically the EPCOT Center section. It`s a long shot, but you never know. All the same, thanks for these.
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    Disneyland 25th Anniversary Parade (downloads available)

    Jim, all of the above! Many thaks.