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    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Soundtrack

    >> As ?clich? as some may say it is, it?s what the majority of the people want to hear
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    Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Soundtrack

    ok.. here it comes.... on your request... Is it better then the first one? definitly! Do i like it? not very much... I think its still too much of the "a lot of noise = impressive" formula that media ventures uses too often. It doesnt sound really original, and apart from the jack's theme, not...
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    New Pirates attraction soundtrack

    I'd like to point out i've only seen the new additions to the ride on video, so i'm not in a fair position to judge, but i'll still do so ;) while it's a pitty to loose the voice of Paul Frees that has functioned so well over the years, judging on the video, i think the replacement is not...
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    Tokyo DisneySea 5th Anniversary Song

    that's nice - though a bit too melancholic for an anniversary song I think. I prefered the adventurous spirit of the opening song. It's kind of amazing how much that Japanese couple aged in the last 5 years, though.
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    DLP Space Mountain Mission II- Queue Area?

    Track 10 from the Rocketeer should be 5:57 indeed, as the piano solo at the beginning was cut from the track. The track from Always should be 3:16, however, and is called "Dorinda Solo Flight" (I believe this track has been listed wrong at Sound of Magic). I'm not 100% sure about this, but this...
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    DLP Space Mountain Mission II- Queue Area?

    "Is Shooting stars part of track #4 instead of it's own track?" yep. This recording comes from a casette tape that once got out of the imagineering offices. Back when nobody ever heard about Napster, ofcourse. I have to give credit to the person who made an mp3 out of the tape and gave it to...
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    DLP Space Mountain Mission II- Queue Area?

    I can confirm its longer and authentic! I uploaded it to . I won't leave it online for too long, so be quick! Sigh.. I miss that music in the ride.
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    DLP Space Mountain Mission II- Queue Area?

    It indeed never was released entirely officially, but thanks to a well willing imagineer back in the mid nineties and a fan, a full 8 minute version has been floating around the web for a while... Let me know if you can't find it.. ;)
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    Giacchino's Space Mountain music now online!

    This is great stuff! The Space Mountain music from Anaheim is really cool! I only heard the short ride music track so far, and wasn't really impressed by it. But now I heard everything, it certainly makes part of a beautiful score, with great theme building, etc. Super! Having only done the...
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    New Discoveryland music...?

    who composed and performed the Discoveryland music!? that's like asking after whom Disneyland was named! His name is Walt Discovery. ok. lame joke. It's David Tolley and his army of syntesizers. Don't forget to visit David Tolley's webpage, legendary for its *special* use of colors! He has...
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    Arranger of Main St. Music?

    hmm... good point. I guess it *is* from Fantasyland 83 then, as there are some tracks from the labyrinth on DLF. I'm pretty sure Debney did the music for the labyrinth, though i think DavidG would be able to tell you more about that.
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    Tokyo Disneyland music NOW SUNG IN ENGLISH!!!

    i was a little dissapointed with BraviSEAmo. sure it had it good moments, but the overall thing, well, i just hoped for so much more. My bad I guess... Then again, i'm not a big fan of Fantasmic (tries to be to hip often). Reflections of earth is great though.
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    Arranger of Main St. Music?

    actually, i didn't know they reochestrated those bits of music. Anyway, I believe the new loop was made to place in DLP. Now i know that a lot of the music for DLP has been re arranged by John Debney (Phantom Manor, It's a Small World, Tea Cups, Alice Labyrinth...). So *maybe* he did this too. a...
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    Tokyo Disneyland music NOW SUNG IN ENGLISH!!!

    i have mixed feelings about the music from Tokyo Disneyland. frome one hand they produce a steady flow of new music all year round, and from time to time, there's a real classic between them. However, most of it is so hyperactive, so syntesizer, so over ochestrated with such a hard beat that i'm...
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    DLP Halloween pics

    X-S tech, i couldnt have said it better! DLP seems to forget what staying in theme is with their seasonal decorations. african drumbands and jungle decorations in mainstreet to celebrate the lion king, ugly toons for the toon circus, and since last year these ugly pumpkinmen! it's just horrible...
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    Style! - Tokyo Disneysea parade- music available?

    ahoy! what's on the 2 CD set?
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    TDL's Haunted Mansion Holiday CD?

    hmm.... is there a way this poor timekeeper fan could get that pre-show music recording from WDW, so he'll be a little less sad about the closure of DLP's Le Visionarium? well..? speaking about Robin Williams role in Timekeeper... to be honest, i think Timekeeper and Nine-Eye are sort of...
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    New Loop at DCA's Hollywood Pictures Backlot

    can somebody post the tracks you can hear in HPB now? and how long is the new loop? about RnR: i hope their contract for Walt DIsney Studios in paris ends pretty soon too. The queue loop of RnR there is a collection of modern hits... from the time the studios opened, that is. All these hits...
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    Jerry Goldsmith passed away

    the talented film composer Jerry Goldsmith, who composed two of my all time favourite disney scores, Mulan and Soarin' over California, passed away last night. :(
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    "Range" is a Terrific Final Soundtrack

    ok... i just *had* to say this..... "yodel-adle-eedle-idle-oo" is the best song out there! "home on the range" is also pretty cool... "Patch of heaven" is nice, and other songs are OK. But i wish all the songs were like "Home on the Range" and "Yodel-adle-eedle-idle-oo"... Like this big crazy...