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    Older MK Parades

    I am looking for audio of a few older parades from the MK at WDW. Here they are: 1. 20th Anniversary Suprise Celebration Parade. I believe I have seen something on Rodentsections of this, however it was not what I was in search for. 2. Mickey Mania Parade source from the park. The reason I say...
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    Looking for:

    I have a few things I am looking for if anyone is possibly interested in making a trade for Christmastime. 1. Cinderella Holiday Wish from WDW, 2. Glow In The Park from Hong Kong 3. Let It Snow Christmas Parade from Hong Kong. 4. Disneyland Parade Of Dreams with current announcer 5...
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    Hong Kong CD?

    Can anyone confirm that HK will be releasing a CD in 5 weeks? I was told it would only be sold at the park and not worldwide.
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    HK Park Audio

    Does anyone know if any Hong Kong Disneyland Park audio is in circulation? I am sure non is however I have been looking for a few things such as the Halloween Parade, Christmas Parade, Castle Christmas Show if anyone knows anything about any of those floating around.
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    Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Pics

    For those that have not seen this already,
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    A Christmas Fantasy Parade

    Looking for Disneylands A Christmas Fantasy Parade with the introduction from last years parade. Not sure if this is around somewhere.
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    HKD, TDL, WDW, DL Parade Question

    Dont suppose anyone knows where I could find the music to any of these do they? Apologize for the big list. Did not want to post several individual Topics. 1. Hong Kong Disneylands Glow In The Park Hallowen Parade. I want this really bad lol. 2. Background loop to The Very Merry Christmas...