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    Mickey's Street Party

    Found this on youTube, from 1985
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    Does anyone know of a site where I can find the order that music is used in the film, as opposed to the reordering used on the soundtrack albums. Most of the animated film soundtrack albums put the vocal pieces first, then the instrumental tracks. Specifically looking for "Cars" info. TIA...
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    EPCOT Album Cover

    Does anyone have any good scans of the front and back of the 1983 Album of EPCOT Center? TIA ???
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    TDL CD "Disney's Brass Band"?

    Did a search and came up empty. I know it's from Japan, released in 2002. Appreciate any input. TIA Frank
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    Fountain of Nations Question

    There is a track available at various websites labeled "Fountain of Nations - Mickey's Show". Is this the same as the Fountain track "Mickey's Finale from Around the World with Mickey Mouse"? TIA for any input. :) Frank
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    WDW Song Archive

    For those that remember Craig's WDW Song Archive, it's still available here: Last update appears to have been in 2002 Frank