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    Always so appreciative of your work that allows me to discover some LPs I knew about but had never seen or listened to before. I particularly enjoy the Disneyland Band and Band Concert ones ... I am presently listening to AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL and i like the fact that your copy used to be at...
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    Paul F Anderson is Back After All These Years!

    No, you are quite right about that and I am one of those folks who only got a few of the issues they had subscribed for ... That's what I was telling Mr Anderson in the post that he did not approved and obviously censured; and I was being quite nice in my prose! Oh I am not the only one he...
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    Paul F Anderson is Back After All These Years!

    Hello, happy taxpayers! Yes, Mr Anderson is back with a new blog and sites! If you want, just like me, to let him know what you think of his treatment of us, his previous readers of POV (Persistence Of Vision) go there! (Remember one of those threads...
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    The Sherman Brothers Songbook

    "Amazing cd"? Well, my set has 2 cds! I guess we're all rather "blasé" since there are so few comments about this release... but then I might be the one who do not "get it!" To me, it seems that, even though most of the titles have been released in the past, they have been completely...
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    BBC Radio 2 "Music of Disney" Concert Special Online Dec 26

    I have just found that some generous fellow has posted most of the show on YouTube and the sound quality is top-notch!
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    BV-3335 Mary Poppins En Francais (1966)

    The French Mary Poppins -- which uses the original French lyrics for the film -- is a studio cast with the Hubert Rostaing orchestra, that Yves Montand used often for his recordings, with singer Christiane Legrand ( Michel Legrand's sister!) and Bob Martin singing for Bert. I don't have this LP...
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    New 2008 Disney Christmas CD at Target

    Hey, the missing "?" is a shortcoming from! Not MY fault, your honor! This cd has not reached France yet!
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    Disney Big Records (DBR)

    You never stop amazing me with your collection! Merci for sharing!! ;D
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    Need info about xrumer

    Sexist!! :D
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    "Disney's Lost Chords" Volume 2

    Oh!! THANK YOU, makeminemusic for posting so many downloads to great Disneyland Record recordings of the past, many of whom I never knew existed! (I LOVE the America the Beautiful one!) That makes for fun listening and brings so many positive vibes (And Xylophones!) to this forum! Let...
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    Sleeping Beauty Album on iTunes

    Re: Oh yeah, iTunes And as Greg mentions on his blog this 1959 recording has Bill Lee singing for the prince, and NOT Bill Shirley, as printed on the original sleeve jacket!
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    Great MSEP article!

    Hmmm... I think you mean 'a great blast to the plast"!! (I am joking!).... ;)
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    Sleeping Beauty Album on iTunes

    Re: Oh yeah, iTunes ... recorded under the supervision of Tutti Camarata too!
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    Sleeping Beauty Album on iTunes

    Re: Oh yeah, iTunes Oh, yeah! She's the mother of Dean, right?! ;)
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    Bill Hayes Sings the Best of Disney

    Well, wonders Will NEVER cease! Thank you for that other gem, never heard by little me! Merci!
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    Ilene Woods 78rpm

    Will wonders ever cease? Thank you very much for posting these marvels! It might be because I am so accustomed to the film arrangements, I am not that thrilled by those, BUT the Working Song is so good , mainly since most of the lyrics are not in the film AND that Cindy herself sings most of...
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    Currently Featured on "Ears" Record Player

    Makeminemusic, you are spoiling us, but I don't mind "smelling bad" if it's in the name of Disney music! Thank you for sharing!
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    Currently Featured on "Ears" Record Player

    (Had to correct typos!!) Wunderful! Wunderful! I am listening to The Disneyland Band! Known that for years BUT never heard that before! Love it! Now, to me it seems that this and The WDW Band were recorded at the same time, which means that they were both done in California! Music...
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    Randy Thornton Interviews

    Randy Thornton. As NOT to "pollute Bill's posts" 8) I am starting a new subject to point out 3 recent interviews of Bill's "God" ;D that I find quite informative and that you may have missed!
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    Currently Featured on "Ears" Record Player

    Do you know that those titles are available on cd? Soft and Sentimental