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    Playlist Pop Century Resort [2010]

    Does anyone happen to have the playlists for the pool and Twister sections and the Halloween and Christmas seasons? I have the Classic Hall/Bus Load and Magic in Motion Bus loops and would love to complete the collection of playlists for this result. Or does anyone know who I might be able to...
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    Tokyo Disney Resort 35th Anniversary Box Set

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone could possibly send me a PM to tell me how I might be able to find a way to buy this set living in the USA. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    All-Star Resorts

    Hi. Just wondering if anyone has made or attempted to make the playlists for the various loops at the different All Star Resorts.
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    Soundtracks Being Released as Picture Discs

    I've also just found out that the two newest picture discs, "Aladdin" and "Beauty and the Beast" are also available at the new Disney Music Emporium store: They're about $5 cheaper there. But I don't know what kind of shipping they charge.
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    Soundtracks Being Released as Picture Discs

    I haven't seen this mentioned elsewhere on this board. But Disney has been issuing some of their soundtracks as limited edition vinyl Picture Discs exclusively at Hot Topic stores as well as A few months ago, they released "The Lion King" and "The Little Mermaid." And just this...
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    Tokyo Disney Resort - Happiness (12-CD box set)

    Does the site ship to the U.S. or only to Japan? I'd like to get a copy of the set; but I can't find the answer on their site. Also, has anyone purchased this set from them with the bonus CD that would be willing to share what it's tracklising is? Thanks for the help.
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    Pop Century Bus Loop: A First Stab

    I wish there were someone to email or a Disney created site where they put the playlists for all their parks and resorts. Even if you had to actually find the songs to purchase them on your own, it'd be a great start. I love the Pop Century Loops, both the regular and Halloween loops. Such a...
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    Pop Century Bus Loop: A First Stab

    Is it possible that the theme with the word "go" used a lot is the theme from "Speed Racer?"
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    Pop Century Bus Loop: A First Stab

    It's been a few months since I was last at the Pop Century Resort. So, maybe I'm totally wrong on this; but was the Doo Wop song Little Darling by the Diamonds? Also, the song that you said soundd like a fight song with the word "Go" repeated a lot... was that a regular song or a television...