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    MK Splash Queue music loop

    While it was raining at the MK, I decided to write down the order of the splash mountain queue loop. There are some songs that I couldn't comprehend. *= Does anyone know where I can download the songs with the stars. Not the DL Queue versions but the MK version. THere was a website called...
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    MK Big Thunder Mountain Queue/Area Music Help

    According to the Digital Disney site, I got the following order so far for the Big Thunder Mountain Area Music Loop located in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom @ WDW: Time: 19:55 1.Old Yeller* 2.Pecos Bill 3.Old Betsy 4.There is a Taver in the Town* 5.Roamin' the Lawless West 6.Buffalo Girls...
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    WDW Splash Mountain Area Music

    Does anyone know where I can download the following WDW Splash Mountain queue music? I have WinMX so I got most the rest of the other songs but all I need are the following songs to complete the loop and does anyone know if there has been any changes in the line up or they added new songs...