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    New Haunted Mansion CD?

    I saw on Ebay today a Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary CD. I am not sure if it was fan made or official. Does anyone know if they are releasing a new CD for HM's 40th Anniversary like they did for the 30th's?
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    Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary Edition?

    Has anyone heard if they are going to produce a 40th Anniversary edition of the Haunted Mansion soundtrack CD? I am going to Disneyland in early June, unfortunately before all the celebrations for the 40th, and wondered if I going to miss the possible release of a 40th anniversary edition. If...
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    Visions Fantastic

    I listen to Visions Fantastic radio and I was wondering where do they get all that great music? There are tracks on there that I would love to download! Many are not on Rodentsections, and I have no idea where to find them. Does anyone know?
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    Induction recording

    Please forgive a newbie audio collector, but what exactly is "induction recording'?
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    Looking for Disneyland Tracks

    Looking for these tracks . . I am trying to collect at least one track from as many Disneyland attractions/locations/areas as I can. I got quite a few of them, but I am missing these tracks: Cafe Orleans Skyway Snow White's Grotto Tom Sawyers Island - Injun Joe's Cave I have seen these tracks...
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    Indiana Jones tracks

    I am looking for a couple of Indiana Jones Adventure tracks. I have a lot of the sounds/music from the ride by buying the Extinct Attraction's Indiana Jones CD. I know they are also in a large Indiana Jones Adventure torrent in Rodentsections, but I can not download such a large file right...
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    Disneyland Sounds of Magic

    Has anyone bought any of these CDs? http :// I have seen them a couple of times now on Ebay and I am not sure what to think of them. I am pretty sure they are not officially licensed by Disney. Does anyone know anything about them?
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    Where to Find More Disnyland Tracks?

    Newcomer question I am a newcomer to this forum, and to Disney music collecting. I am collecting tracks from Disneyland, and already have "A musical history of Disneyland" and thanks to my sister, 3/4 of the tracks from the "Disneyland Forever" kiosks. My question is: Where does everyone get...