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    9 new tracks on last Disneyland official album ???

    Hi everyone ! I read here that on the last Official Albums from both Disneyland and Walt Disney World (both released one year ago now) there were 9 new tracks that had never been available on CD before. Although I was able to find out what the 9 WDW tracks were, I can't seem to find out which...
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    CHICKEN LITTLE special edition CD ?

    Hi ! Is there anybody out there who knows if there's a SPECIAL EDITION available of the Chicken Little soundtrack CD ? THANKS ! Bart
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    Wonderland CD-on-Demand : 22 in total ???

    Hi everybody, Counting all the CD's from the Wonderland Music Store (at both Disneyland and WDW) I reached 22 in total. I mean : 22 albums that have NEVER EVER been released on CD before. Is this correct ? THANKS, Bart
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    Hello everyone ! Do you know whether or not TUBBY THE TUBA is still available at the Wonderland Music Store ? And does anyone has the scoop on when this CD-on-Demand system will hit Walt Disney World ? THANKS !!! Bart
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    DL box-set vs. Wonderland CD-on-Demand ; info needed !

    Hi everybody ! I have a few questions for people who own (or have precise information on) both the Disneyland 6-CD box-set AND the park-related CD's from the Wonderland CD-on-Demand line. Are there any CD's from the Wonderland project that have become obsolete now that the box-set has been...
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    Japanese CD's - PLEASE HELP !!!

    Hi everybody, I need a bit of help with some Japanese Disney CD's : - Is anybody familiar with an older series called "Music Attractions" ? And if so : do you know if 6 CD's is a complete set ? (voices & songs / orchestra / music box / jazzy / piano / special) - Is anybody familiar with...
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    Incredibles Disney Store exclusive CD ?

    Is there a DISNEY STORE EXCLUSIVE CD of The Incredibles soundtrack or does someone know if there will be one soon ? THANKS guys !!!
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    Hi everybody ! I just noticed that the "Mannheim Steamroller Meets the Mouse" CD has been re-released on DVD-Audio format. I ordered it immediately !!! Can't wait to hear how this lovely album sounds in surround ! Is anybody aware of other Disney-albums being released on DVD-Audio ? It was...
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    Home on the Range collector's CD

    Hello everyone ! Do you guys know if there's a special collector's edition CD of the "Home on the Range" soundtrack available ? I know there's often a Disney Store Exclusive, usually with 3-D covers (Atlantis, Brother Bear, Lilo & Stitch, Lion King Special Edition, ...) I'm hoping this will...
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    CD-on-Demand question ; PLEASE help ?

    Can somebody tell me how much they actually cost, when you purchase them straight from Disneyland DelivEars ? And how many LP's have actually been released on CD so far, and I do mean LP's ; not the re-released CD's. THANKS !!!!!!!! Bart
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    Tokyo Disneyland Treasures box - PLEASE HELP !!!

    Hi there ! Does anyone know where to obtain the new TREASURES OF FANTASY box set, besides at the Tokyo Disneyland Resort ? Any help would greatly be appreciated !!! Thanks, Bart
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    New CD's in 2003 ?!

    Hello everybody, I haven't heard anything yet about new CD releases on the U.S. market in 2003 ; except for a second "Playhouse Disney" CD which will be released on Jan. 28th. I also expect soundtracks of "Jungle Book 2" and "Piglet's Big Movie" to be released soon, but apart from that... I...
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    OT but any help sure is appreciated !!!

    Howdy folks ! Is there anybody out there visiting Disney/MGM in Orlando SOON ?! And of those that are : is someone willing to pick up a copy of the TOWER OF TERROR dvd at the ToT gift shop for me ? I live in Belgium and there's no other way of getting a hold of this DVD unless I do it like...
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    Music of Paris CINEMA PARADE

    Hello everybody ! Can someone tell me which songs or being used in the new CINEMA PARADE at the Walt Disney Studios in Paris ? Does every float have its own song or medley, just like The Wonderful World of Disney Parade ? I haven't been able to see it just yet, but I'm really curious to know...