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    Disney Music from the '40s on iTunes

    Just for fun I have been searching iTunes for Disney songs from the 40's and have compiled it as an iTunes Mix. It starts out with some OST stuff and then some cover versions and songs from the compilation features. Includes The Andrew Sisters, Bing Crosby, Benny Goodman, Roy Rogers, Louis...
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    Ponyo Theme Song

    Anyone care to guess why Disney is releasing this on May 4? A little late, no?
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    New Disney MP3s at Amazon

    While we wait for something new to show up on iTunes, Disney has recently released some new MP3 albums on Amazon- many of them exclusive to their site: Candlelight Processional Pinocchio OST Homeward Bound 2 OST Mulan II OST House of Mouse OST Home on the Range OST Pocahontas II: Journey to a...