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    Nomad Lounge

    Recently visited the Nomad Lounge and enjoyed the music as well as the drinks. I thought too late to try and capture some of the titles using Shazam, but I caught one, Dreamtree. I tried capturing a couple of more titles, but the crowd noise was too much and Shazam could not capture anymore. I...
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    Any New CDs Availabe at the WDW Parks?

    Will be heading to the parks in a few weeks, any new CDs that have been released within the last 6 months?
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    Disney Celebrates America

    Has a recording or listing for this show been posted anywhere? I have done some searching here and at MB, but can't find anything.
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    Alternatives to Rodentsections

    Alternatives to MouseBits Are there any other sites similar to MB?
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    WDW or DL Forever via iTunes or

    I was just thinking how I missed out on the whole WDW & DL Forever opportunity because I did not happen to visit the parks when this was going on. If I did, I did not know about the entire concept. If only this opportunity was available now, how many of us would be walking out of the parks...
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    Mouseworld Radio - Is it legal?

    Hi, Just wanted to check and see if Mouseworld Radio is a legitimate site, meaning is it authorized by Disney? Does anybody listen to it? I have given it a try a couple of times and there seems like there is some good stuff. Also seems like it is ripe for the picking (recording wise). Let...