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    Chante , C'est Noel ! New single in the park !

    The new Single has been release since a few weeks ago . This is the track Listing : 1) Chante , C'est noel ( 04:15) 2)Chante , C'est Noel ! Kids Mix ( 04:15) 3)Chante , C'est Noel !- BrassQuintet (03:14) 4)Chante , C'est Noel !- Piano (06:19) 5)Chante , C'est Noel !-Dreamy ( 04:16) 6)La...
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    WDW Epcot Xmas music loop

    Hi everyone I'm looking for the xmas loop from epcot , if anyone get it please send me a email at : thanks in advance LG
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    New CD at Disneyland Paris !

    Today Disneyland Parade has released the new Soundtrack of the Halloween Parade the newest one . i love the music . For Xmas we are going to have a new Parade music an dlaos a new CD . The Halloween Cd are a Single like the other .
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    Tokyo Disneyland-Treasure Of Fantasy CD?

    Hi Everyone anyone knows how to get this ? thanks in advance for your answers .
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    WDS Disney Cinema Parade CD on sale !

    last week the new CD of this Parade has been released .
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    The Main-Street Electrical Parade - The Disney Legend

    Hi everyone less than one month to see the magical Main-Street Electrical at Disneyland Resort Paris . Did you know if Disneyland in California will take their floats like Snow White and Pinnochio ? Last performence on March 23rd
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    Next CD on sale on CDJAPN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    > Artist: Disney > Title: Tokyo Disneyland - Cinderellabration (CDA) > Price: 2,000yen(US$16.56) > Release Date: January 29 > Catalog Number: AVCW-12318 > Comments: The CD contains the sounds from Tokyo Disneyland's > Cinderella-themed romantic night show, performed to celebrate the theme >...
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    Newest CD of Tokyo Disney Sea ?

    Hi everyone Did anyone know how many tracks they putted in the Tokyo DisneySea Harborside Christmas ? thanks in Advance Louis
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    WDS , DIsney Cinema Parade CD rumor ?

    i heard the CD of the Parade will be release . anyone know more about this ?
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    Animagique show and CD ?

    Hi everyone , what you think about this Show ? The CD has been released a month ago and have you heard it ? what you think about the CD ?
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    Disney Cinema Parade CD at Walt-Disney Studios ?

    hi everyone , did you know if Disneyland Resort Paris will release a new CD from this new Parade ?
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    Disneyland Resort Paris 10th aniversary song ?

    hi everyone , the music we can hear on the Parade when the parade is stopped is very very beautiful did you know when a CD will be release ? ''Hey you everyone ............ Merci from DIsneyland Paris ''