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    Disneyland Forever CDs for sale

    I have about 50 Disneyland Forever CDs for sale. Just click on the link for instructions on how the sale works. [attachment deleted by admin]
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    Selling Disneyland Forever

    Would that be full audio tracks? or just track names... I would never promote file trading. It is killing the record business...
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    Selling Disneyland Forever

    It was Tony Baxter's idea. Tony is always thinking of ways to make the Guests have a unique experience in the park. I had pitched the idea for a theme park retro lounge thingy at Hollywood Records called Disneyland Forever (the name was a joke because I hated the title of Batman Forever so...
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    Selling Disneyland Forever

    Hello I am Scott L Jordan, I did the Disneyland Forever project with Disney and RedDotNet. I have decided that I will be selling my entire collection... . I have about 200 CDs ranging from pre-opening to July '99. I also have 2 original 13 track Haunted Mansion Cds with the sticker attached and...