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    Urgent message to General Ursus Bear

    General Bear, The news about no more "VAULT DISNEY" is unbelievable, and they were always repeating the same #$%$# shows ! < its time to stop the insanity, General I ask you you round up the troops and lets all fight these changes and hurt them where they know their pocketsits time...
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    "Imagineering" show on Travel Channel tonite

    Hello to all my friends, I just wanted to let you guys (and gals) , know that tonite on the Travel channel is (2) Disney shows (1) is about Imagineering and the one right after it , is about Tokyo Disney Sea, whicj should be great! the time are 9pm and 10pm (NY time). I know I am looking...
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    What are the must haves of the available Theme park compilation cd`s, DCA , Disneyland or Disney world? and would anybody have the Deliv-ears #? Thanks, Frank
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    Nedd help with new "Small World" & others...

    Hello to all my Valued Disney friends, I hope somebody can help me, I want to make a purchase thru "CDJAPAN", but I would like your opinions as to what is worth buying and also what is in English!, I am inquiring about the following titles: Tokyo...
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    Disney music on "Morpheus"

    Hi, I recently found loads of Disney tracks on the "Napster" like service, called "Morpheus", what is the feeling about downloading from here?, there seems to be a lot of the forever stuff there......