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    WDW 40th Anniversary CD?

    Here is what I would like on a "Musical History of WDW:" Mickey Mouse Revue, first and foremost. A single track of the complete show would only run 9 minutes 'n'change. Tropical Serenade. This would consist of the original "Claude Birdbrain" preshow, and then the original, one and only...
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    Cinderella Castle - A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes

    Hi. You are correct, sir. It was the version from the original sountrack, without sound effects or other dialogue. It ran on a loop until the castle forecourt stage was built. If you look at pictures from before Eisner, you will see the difference. Now, most of the castle tunnel serves as...
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    If You Had Wings

    What I hear, on the above video link, is a looped bed, with the the other loops layered over it. I can hear Renoudet, as well as the female vocals. I'm not saying the entire 6:26 track was looped, just the main theme. I am also hearing the string intro on the "demo" in this video too.
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    If You Had Wings

    Hi. I know that piece too. I don't know much about it either, but I remember hearing it on the ride. What I feel we have here is a "bed" which looped round 'n' round, while other specific loops (like the Dixieland thing from WDWForever) were layered over it.
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    Spamy Spamy Spam Spam Spam

    You could make "What's your favorite song?" its own thread. Lounges for Die-hards, Hardcores, Toots, Whistles, Plunks, and Booms. I think it sounds supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. By the way, mine is "In a World of My Own."
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    Playlist Grand Floridian [1988]

    Ok, I stand corrected. Sorry for any confusion.
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    Playlist Grand Floridian [1988]

    Hi, Horizons. When you make a recording of that music, I would love it if you reported back here about it.
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    Playlist Grand Floridian [1988]

    Hi. The Grand Floridian does not have background music loops. They do have a PA system in place, but they do not play what you would call BGM. At Christmas, they used to play the same holiday loop that was played on Main Street, TTC, and other locations. I'm talking about that loop with the...
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    Perri - A Story with Songs

    Hi, it's me again. I had a feeling, so I looked it up. So was "The Legend of Lobo." That makes three. I remember reading somewhere that "Perri" was the first and only True-Life Fantasy. That was simply a mistake.
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    Perri - A Story with Songs

    Hi. I would just like to add that "Nikki, Wild Dog of the North" was the only other True-Life Fantasy.
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    Playlist Tiki Room: New Management Entrance

    Hi. Just wanted to say this about that... I don't like the "New Management" either. But if anyone has to be reminded about Stitch's contribution to modern attractions, please be sure to visit "ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter (Under New Management)." It is in the Magic Kingdom across the...
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    Hall of Presidents Load/Unload Music

    Yes, Eric Paddon's essay on the Hall at is a shimmering piece. Google it; I don't have a link here.
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    Hall of Presidents Load/Unload Music

    Hi. I own both the Hall of Presidents LP, and the CD, and they are the same. The LP contained no other load/unload music. I can tell you this first hand; As a young lad, I remember the Buddy Baker instrumental underscore to Lincoln's speech on the overhead speakers. I'm going back to about...
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    Columbia Harbor House

    Hi. This list is great, thank you. What means "WIR?"
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    BBC audio interview with Richard Sherman

    Great interview, thanks for telling us about that!
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    wdw album qustion

    I would also tell them to try: Emporium or the Philharmagic gift shop in Magic Kingdom. MouseGear or the Camera shop under Spaceship Earth in Epcot Mickey's on Hollywood Blvd. in MGM (not sure of the name of that shop, I just call it the MgM Emporium)
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    i tunes

    I'm simply stating that if it were not Randy Thornton, it would be someone else. And as for the releases being a "gift?" I disagree with that too. A company makes money by selling their product, so they sell their product. They hold back some material from this release, so they can sell...
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    i tunes

    Hi, everyone. My two cents on the Randy Thornton thing: Bill, "hero worship" was a great term. It bugged me when a lot of folks around here would "Praise Randy" every time we heard something about a good release. Yes, Thornton knew more about the music than a lot of producers. But I...
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    Polynesian Luau and Hoop Dee Do

    Hi. I suggest I typed HoopDeeDoo into the search and got a lot of video. Nothing is perfect, and hardly any videos are complete, but you if you want a quick fix, you can pretty much piece together the whole show!
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    Dumb Question

    I agree, Bill. And when all this was happening in 2001, I was saying "If Disneyland is going to be the Magic Kingdom now, then I'm calling the Magic Kingdom 'The Happiest Place on Earth'" lol