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    Revised "Canada" Area Music

    The other day while strolling through the World Showcase, I noticed that Gordon Lightfoot's "Alberta Bound" was playing just out front of the Canada pavilion (near the merchandise carts). I have never heard this song played around the pavilion, and it definitely is not a part of either of the...
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    One and Only Genuine Original Family Band QUESTION...

    Hello -- I have a couple questions about the soundtrack. First -- I know of two songs that have been released from the film recently: West of the Wide Missouri and Ten Feet Off the Ground. Are there any other songs out there? I'm absolutely dying to own a copy of the soundtrack... (*cough*...
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    Convention Videos?

    Hi everyone! I really wish I could have experienced the recent Disney Music Convention. Does anyone have photos, audio, or video of the event they could share? Thanks!!
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    Orlando Sentinel: Disney reaches retro's limit, folds classic-tunes CD burner

    Disney reaches retro's limit, folds classic-tunes CD burner Scott Powers | Sentinel Staff Writer Posted October 14, 2006 Tucked away in a couple of corners of Walt Disney World, Burl Ives, Annette Funicello, Mary Martin and Fess...