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    Dave Smith at Archives

    Has anyone ever e-mailed the Disney Archives requesting information? What address did you guys use? I am doing research for a quick paper on the effects of Hollywood on WWII.
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    Song From "The Swamp Fox

    I remember a while ago hearing this song sung by The Marion's loyal slave. It was about heaven. If anyone knows the title or even some lyrics I would appreciate it.
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    Ave Maria in Fantasia

    Does anyone have the lyrics to this piece that were written by Rachel Field? I haven't been able to decipher them. ???
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    Kind of off the subject: Want info on Club 33, Going to Join!!!!!!!

    Hey! Does anyone out there have the current prices for memberships at Club 33? I have submitted my letter and should have a response in about three years. I would like to know the prices. ;D
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    Package Films

    The 40s Package films really do have some of my favority disney ditties in them. Which do you think is the best? My favorite is Melody Time. ;)
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    Musical History of Disneyland

    Just wodnering which people prefered.
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    Wonderland Machines

    Does Anybody have a complete list of LPs on CD available from the Wonderland Music Machines? ???