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    Hey Randy? - Vic Perrin?

    To my knowledge, it was Vic Perrin, then Walter Cronkite, then Jeremy Irons and now Dame Judi Dench. Did you know what Janet Waldo is still heard in Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress? She used to be the grandmother in the finale scene, but she can only still be heard as the angry neighbor who...
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    BBC Radio 2 "Music of Disney" Concert Special Online Dec 26

    BBC Radio 2 "Music of Disney" Concert Special goes on line Dec. 26 BBC Radio, particularly BBC Radio 2, offers tons of great programming you can listen to for free on your computer. On Friday, December 26, they will broadcast a big Disney special called BBC RADIO 2 CELEBRATES THE MUSIC OF...
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    Mouse Tracks holiday presentations

    We've got two Disney holiday related Mouse Tracks multimedia presentations with rare footage and valuable prizes! This one is very short notice: Friday night Dec. 5 at 7 pm Reading Trout book store in Celebration (near the movie theater) 671 Front Street #110, Celebration, FL‎ - (321)...
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    Sleeping Beauty Album on iTunes

    Re: Oh yeah, iTunes It's listed as "Music from the Original Motion Picture," where the newer CD is called "Original Soundtrack." The easiest thing to do is search for Sleeping Beauty, click "see all" and look for the 1959 album cover that has that nice painting of Aurora, of course, sleeping...
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    Mouse Tracks question for Greg or Tim

    I have the album, but am at a loss too. There were some artists that I wish we had mentioned or given more space too in the book, especially talented people like Billy Storm. There were others that we tried to get info on, like the mysterious Vonnair Sisters, but ran into dead ends. Some folks...
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    Mickey's 50th - Ovation records

    The only song from the promos that appear on the Ovation "Mickey's 50th" LP, which was sold as a bonus LP with "The Magical Music of Walt Disney" through Columbia House mail order, is "I Grew Up On Mickey Mouse." The rest of that LP is previously released Mickey Mouse Club & New Mickey Mouse...
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    Trick or Treat

    In addition to the incomplete song appearing in short bits on the aforemention Disneyland LP, Karen and Cubby also recorded their own version for a Mickey Mouse Club LP called HOLIDAYS WITH THE MOUSEKETEERS, reissued as THE Disneyland LP HAPPY BIRTHDAY & SONGS FOR EVERY HOLIDAY. Their version is...
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    "Disney's Lost Chords" Volume 2

    Since I mentioned that Russell Schroeder has published another spectacular book filled with rare artwork and deleted songs from Disney films -- but neglected to explain how to purchase one -- I googled and found that there is now a site where you can download an order form and get a copy direct...
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    Sleeping Beauty Album on iTunes

    Re: Oh yeah, iTunes The Sleeping Beauty WDL version is now on iTunes today.
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    Ilene Woods 78rpm

    Ilene Woods also appeared on a lot of musical radio shows in the late 1940s. I just found this one in which she's a regular guest:
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    The Story and Song from The Haunted Mansion

    Re: Question for Randy Thornton - Haunted Mansion It has not been reissued on CD yet, but it was reissued a few years ago on cassette, if that helps.
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    "Chilling, Thrilling Sounds of the Haunted House" LP Question

    You can also hear some of the screams and groans in the Mickey Mouse short, "Lonesome Ghosts," and the dog barks in the fox hunt sequence of "Mary Poppins." I also make a "tribute" paraphrase reference to the opening of this article tease from an early "Backstage Pass" on
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    OT: The Banana Splits got back together!

    ONE OF THE GREATEST SONGS EVER RECORDED: Well, I lose my cool, my feet feel the beat, I'm suddenly gone and I've got the beat, When the beautiful Caliopasaxiviatrumparimbclarabassetrombophone plays! It turns me on, revs up my machine, I'm suddenly gone, don't know where I've been, When the...
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    I'm Walkin' Right Down the Middle of Main Street USA

    I have a small 33 RPM postcard record with a song called "The Walt Disney Character Parade" by Gerry Dallesandro. It has the lyrics listed in almandot's post. The little record also includes the Mike Curb "Mickey Mouse March." Back in 1974, there was a TV commercial for Walt Disney World that...
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    Mouse Tracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records

    Re: Mouse Tracks The Story Off Walt Disney Records Bambi, who was a great deal of help to us when writing Mouse Tracks, is a very busy music executive in Hollywood. Her website,, lists her activities as Music Licensing, Music Supervision and Artist Management.
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    Mouse Tracks: The Story of Walt Disney Records

    Re: Mouse Tracks The Story Off Walt Disney Records That's a good question. Actually, the wonderful Stacia Martin is the ultimate authority on Disney album covers, being an Disney artist and historian herself. When the Magic Behind the Music opened at the EMP in Seattle, Stacia did an amazing...
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    Kids of the Kingdom Disneyland LP Question

    The lady with the incredible eyelashes on the cover is none other than Barnette Ricci, director of Fantasmic! BTW, The Archies rule.
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    Saludos Amigos & Three Caballeros

    The above comment, I think, refers to the Disneyland record album that is now on iTunes. It features studio version (very good ones) of the scores from SALUDOS and CABALLEROS, though I think some might be soundtrack score material (Lake Titicaca?) The new DVD combo does not have anything I...
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    Hi everybody! I'm a DuckTales Theme Song big fan.

    It's an album version of the theme with a vocal and music bridge in the middle.
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    Hi everybody! I'm a DuckTales Theme Song big fan.

    A couple of other suggestions: Yahoo Shopping, eBay,, I thought there were amazon sites all over the world ,but I guess not. I DO know that can be heard on any computer worldwide. When "Stu's Show" had Alan Young a guest, Stu played the theme song before...