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    Disney on Classic

    I usually keep one eyeball here and one eyeball on to keep up with the new releases, but I have some questions. ::) I love the Disney on Classic series! I'm trying to figure out which one of these are the live albums and which are just the compilations (or do some of them have...
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    Claque des Doigts

    So I'm having a good time sitting here listening to my music, making some playlists and whatnot and I'm currently making my way through "15 Ans De Magie En Musique." My question is, where does "Claque des Doigts" come from? The melody sounds so familiar, but I can't put my finger on it. Along...
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    TDL: Starlight Dreams

    Just checking out a video of it: I was wondering if anyone knew where the music was from right after "Sorcerer's Apprentice" around 2:55? Thanks! Caitlin
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    What Other Music Do You Like?

    Off Topic / On Topic : What other music do you like? Well as I said before I've been recovering from an accident and I've had? a lot of time on my hands to listen to me music. I've had a ton of fun *rediscovering* music that I haven't heard in a while (Disney and Other). I've also been...
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    Quick Question: Remember Dreams Come True (fireworks)

    Sorry guys, this is a question that I could easily look up myself, but since my accident I have no way to get to my CDs and their inserts to answer this questions. (Btw, just FYI on March 30th my husband and I were driving along and a gust of wind blew our car off the road causing it to roll. My...
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    What CDs are currently at WDW?

    I have a friend taking a trip there in April and she'll pick up whatever I don't have for me (shipping will be cheaper then the mail order). Although I'm having a feeling, there is probably not a lot there I don't already have. ::) So whats there? ;D Thanks guys! Caitlin
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    Does anyone want . . .

    I've been organizing *my* cds (strange, hubby doesn't want to have anything to do with them) and I realized I have two Beauty and the Beast in Spanish, but one doesn't have the front insert (cd is perfect). I was wondering if anyone wants it for the cost of shipping? In US it would be $2. Also...
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    Arabian Nights Movie Version

    Quick question was this song ever released on cd with the line "They cut off your ear if they don't like your face" to the movie line? I searched, but didn't find an answer. If it was released, is there anyway to tell from the packaging without listening to the cd? (Just in case I actually run...
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    The Legend of the Lion King

    I've read that this is just an expanded version of the CD available at AK. What else is on there, can someone describe it to me? On it saids that the extra tracks are instrumental, but I need a better description then that. ;D Thanks ahead of time! Caitlin
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    Yodel Song from Home on the Range Question

    Well guys I've been feel ill the last couple of days and had free time to catch up on some movie watching. I FINALLY got around to watching Home on the Range. Not bad, not great, but not bad. However I have a question about the yodel song, in the middle where we have multi-colored cattle he...
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    Need Music Identification! (Rescuers Down Under Preview)

    This has been bugging me for years, many years. This TRDU preview appeared on the first Peter Pan VHS (maybe) anyways here it is on youtube: Terrible, awful audio, but you can hear it and if you have the video you might remember it. Like I said, if...
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    TDL Disney's Halloween

    I ordered the 2006 one from the net and just received it. I love it, it is really, really fun. ;D I noticed that there is a 2007 Disney's Halloween coming out soon, I'll be sure to order soon! It seems there were also ones from 2005 and 2004. Where there any others from TDL? I also have...