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    Your "must haves" on the 2007 WDW OA ?

    hehe Nelson, somehow I don't think that will end up on there ;D
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    Horizons Source Dialog

    BAh, sorry [puts foot in mouth]. I was talking about horizions, but when I searched thru my horizions collection, I only found 1 that was actually source audio dialouge(sp) :P :-X But here it is just in case you want it.(and If it's not source, its a petty good recording ;) )...
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    Horizons Source Dialog

    I have some and have seen some more out there...
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    Giacchino's Space Mountain music now online!

    For an earlier question, the same music plays in Disneyland CA and Disneyland HK.
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    Plug: 1313 South Harbor Blvd. Disneyland Audio Site

    Yeah ,that has been avalable for a while. But it is a great set!!!