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    BBC Radio 2 "Music of Disney" Concert Special Online Dec 26

    BBC Radio 2 "Music of Disney" Concert Special goes on line Dec. 26 BBC Radio, particularly BBC Radio 2, offers tons of great programming you can listen to for free on your computer. On Friday, December 26, they will broadcast a big Disney special called BBC RADIO 2 CELEBRATES THE MUSIC OF...
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    Mouse Tracks holiday presentations

    We've got two Disney holiday related Mouse Tracks multimedia presentations with rare footage and valuable prizes! This one is very short notice: Friday night Dec. 5 at 7 pm Reading Trout book store in Celebration (near the movie theater) 671 Front Street #110, Celebration, FL‎ - (321)...
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    "Disney's Lost Chords" Volume 2

    Since I mentioned that Russell Schroeder has published another spectacular book filled with rare artwork and deleted songs from Disney films -- but neglected to explain how to purchase one -- I googled and found that there is now a site where you can download an order form and get a copy direct...
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    Robie Lester finally officially acknowledged as singing voice of Duchess

    This is an item I've just added to my blog that I wanted to make sure all of you also got to see: Back when acclaimed writer/producer Les Perkins told Tim and I he was preparing a wonderful new Disney DVD bonus feature that acknowledged Robie Lester as the singing voice of Duchess, we had our...
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    From Randy: New iTunes Titles are Here!

    From Randy: New iTunes Titles are here! I'm posting this for Randy because of technical issues he will describe in the following message he asked to pass along to everyone: A MESSAGE FROM RANDY THORNTON Sorry for my absence, but for some reason I've been locked out of the boards since last...
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    Footlight turns out the light

    Footlight Records in New York is going out of business this month. Apparently the high rent of the physical store combined with low-cost discount competition forced this end. Just letting everyone know because they're still selling out their stock at In addition to show...
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    Question for Francois about RATATOUILLE Soundtrack

    I really enjoyed the soundtrack album of RATATOUILLE, which reminds me a lot of Henry Mancini scores that have separate little themes that stand on their own. Since this forum has its own French ambassador, I wonder if Francois could provide some tranlation for the song "Le Festin." I guessing...
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    Message from Randy about next wave of iTunes

    Due to technical difficulties, Randy cannot send this message directly, so he asked me to pass this list on to you. These are the titles scheduled to launch on iTunes in June: DATE NITE AT DISNEYLAND (1958) Tony Paris & The Elliott Bros. Orchestra SECRETS OF LIFE (1956) Soundtrack Music by...
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    A wondrous new book store recently opened in Celebration, Florida, called READING TROUT BOOKS. It's a cozy place with a very warm setting (even a fireplace) and perhaps the best selection of Disney books, past and present, in Central Florida. Reading Trout Books 671 Front Street #110...
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    Mouse Tracks mea culpas

    Tim and I were fortunately enough to have someone who posts on this site, Joseph, take the time to comb through MOUSE TRACKS to make sure of its total accuracy. We sincerely appreciate Joseph's care and attention to our humble little book. These are the items he discovered: 1) p. 11 "Green...
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    A wonderful discovery for jazz, Disney, and Camarata fans

    It was delightful to discover that one of Camarata?s most acclaimed compositions is the title of an outstanding big band disc by musician/bandleader Louise Baranger, who counts Tutti as one of her mentors. Adding to the Disney connection is Baranger?s experience as a member of the Disneyland Big...
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    Last minute shopping suggestion

    I really liked Disney's Princess Christmas Album. Whether you're into princesses or not, how can you go wrong with outstanding holiday music sung by some of today's greatest voices, including Paige O'Hara, Jodi Benson, Judy Kuhn and Lea Salonga? The selection of songs is fresh, with familiar...
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    Limited Bruce Broughton Eloise Soundtrack

    Intrada Records is selling a limited issue two-disc soundtrack of Bruce Broughton's ELOISE AT THE PLAZA and ELOISE AT CHRISTMASTIME.;jsession...t=A&id=5146 Enjoy!
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    NEW Pete's Dragon, Tron & Camarata CD's

    A wonderful New York record store called Footlight Records regularly sends emails when they have new releases (the store itself closed and they now only do business by mail and online). Anyway, there are new EMI import CD's coming out this month of PETE'S DRAGON and TRON. The DRAGON CD...
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    Disney Legends Awarded Monday Oct 9

    The latest Disney Legends were honored yesterday, and we're delighted that several were associated with Disney records, including Jimmy Johnson, Ginny Tyler, and Paul Frees. Here is the complete list: * Renowned singer and songwriter Sir Elton John; * ABC News anchor Peter Jennings; * Actors...
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    Wal-Mart LITTLE MERMAID Bonus CD with DVD

    Wal-Mart (and most likely Sam's Club) is selling an exclusive package that combines THE LITTLE MERMAID Special Edition DVD with a bonus CD called 10 DISNEY FAVORITES: SONGS FROM THE SEA. All the songs came from previous releases, but it does include the new Ariel song, "One Dance," which...
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    "Music Behind the Magic" Tentative Event Schedule

    ?DISNEY: THE MUSIC BEHIND THE MAGIC? EXPERIENCE MUSIC PROJECT in Seattle For more about EMP, visit To register for the Disney Music Convention, visit Saturday, November 4...
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    Update on MOUSE TRACKS California Events

    We're hoping to line up some special guests for these presentations and signings, including voice legend Pete Renaday, Hollywood singer Gene Merlino, singer/news personality Teri York, Disney songwriting team Michael & Patty Silversher, and maybe even Randy Thornton himself. Stay tuned for more...
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    Revised: MOUSE TRACKS Orlando Book Signing, July 28

    Friday, July 28, 7-9 p.m. (time revised) MOUSE TRACKS BOOK SIGNING (Greg) at BARNES & NOBLE Plaza Venetia Shopping Center Orlando, Florida Hope to see you there, if you can make it! We are also still planning another signing at the...
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    Hear about MOUSE TRACKS on podcast

    Visit and click on show #150 to hear Greg Ehrbar interviewed during the Expedition Everest Opening at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The interview comes at about 59:00 minutes into the show.