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    Hey Trent - iTunes

    Trent, When you update the Album Index page, can you include iTunes titles? The iTunes site is a pain to navigate, and it would be great to have a list of titles available.
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    Walt Disney Records January iTunes Toons

    Well Randy said the next batch of titles would be releasled to iTunes in January. No specific date was given, but anyone want to speculate on the titles to be released?
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    Robin Hood-Most Wanted Edition

    Ultimate Disney is reporting that Disney is working on a new release of the animated version of ROBIN HOOD ala the "Most Wanted Edition" similar to DUMBO "Big Top Edition". So my question is, will we see a ROBIN HOOD Soundtrack CD release to coincide with this DVD? I know they are also working...
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    Next Wonderland Titles

    I know some of you are waiting for the announcement of the next WONDERLAND titles for Disney to release to the parks or on iPOD. Again, here are some of my suggestions (please feel free to add your own): Saludos Amigos/The Three Caballeros (WDL-1039) Uncle Remus (Songs of the South) (DQ-1205)...
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    Lady and the Tramp

    I know this has been brought up before, but why is the CSS Soundtrack of LADY AND THE TRAMP in mono, while the Platinum Edition DVD sound is derived from the original stereo stems? Couldn't they have used both for both releases?
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    BAMBI (from another thread)

    I've been listening to this amazing score a lot lately. I'm surprised it doesn't get mentioned more often in those "all-time" conversations we love so much. What's so great about the music is how cyclical it is (I mean that in a good way). The film is about the cycle of life (season to season...
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    2 Questions 4 Randy

    (1) This was posted on another "soundtrack" website - any knowledge about it? "According to a message on the John Barry forum, a Disney executive has said The Black Hole hasn't been released on CD because "...was recorded in 4-bit (most modern recordings are 16-bit or higher). When this was...
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    Absent Minded DVD release

    [attachment deleted by admin]
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    WDR/BV future releases (wish list)

    [attachment deleted by admin]
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    Label weirdness

    Okay, so my new Best Buy finally stocked the 'new' Disney soundtrack titles (Bedknobs and Broomsticks, The Happiest Millionaire, Pete's Dragon, Fantasia) and I picked them up this evening, and I noticed something weird - strange - odd - etc. Bedknobs and Broomsticks c. 2002 Walt Disney Records...
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    Calling All Disney Investors!

    copied from STUDIO BRIEFING NEWS website: Calling All Disney Investors! New York investment firm Providence Capital has invited major Disney stockholders to participate in a meeting in New York next week aimed at discussing "critical issues ... that have undermined investor confidence" in the...
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    Classic Disney Vol. 6

    if there were to be a release, although Randy said it would probably be unlikely, what would you like to see/hear? Here are my choices: The Merrily Song (MR. TOAD) I'd Like To Be You For A Day (FREAKY FRIDAY) Maggie's Theme (THE PARENT TRAP) My What A Happy Day (FUN & FANCY FREE) The...
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    Welcome to the DMDF!

    Starting a new (on-going) thread to welcome new members. Welcome to the forum tnlbryant.
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    music exchange

    would other members here be interested in setting up some sort of disney music exchange? We could post what we have, or what we are looking for, and exchange cd's, cd-r's, md's, tapes, etc. to help each other fill the "holes" in our collections, or to help us update our collections. I guess we...
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    OT: Disney DVD goes Full-frame

    For those of you (like me) who enjoy seeing movies in their ORIGINAL ASPECT RATIO, you will be sad to hear that Disney had decided to release some "kid-friendly" DVDs in full-frame only -- no widescreen presentation. Starting with the new releases of Snow Dogs, Max Keeble and Muppet Treasure...
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    Disney Bootlegs

    I know bootlegs are a touchy subject, but I am curious as to know which Disney soundtracks are available only via bootleg. The ones I know for sure are: 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea The Black Cauldron The Black Hole Something Wicked This Way Comes Baby, Secret of the Lost Legend The Journey of...
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    Most Wanted Unreleased Animated Score

    I know some of these titles will likely never be released, but it you could choose, which would you like to see.