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    Whats in Your Disney Music Collection?

    Hi Disney Music Lover's, i decided to start a new topic on here and i wanted to see who and what people have in thier Disney Music Collections at home, state your albums, records, and soundtracks, and boxsets that you own. I would like to see who has the best collection. Here is...
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    Can someone help me???

    what is the Walt Disney World's Deliveears e-mail? or phone number i need these so i can order cd's from them
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    Exciting News!!! Disney Dreams Music

    Hello Disney Music Fans, I wanted to share some very exciting information that was released yesterday, that was given to me by one of the imagineers that worked on the 50th celebration at DLR. Disney's Year of a Million Dreams Campaign starts this fall with new entertainment offerings at all the...
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    2 New Tokyo Disneyland CD's!!!!

    hi all of you wonderful disney music fantatics! I just wanted to share some wonderful infomation with you regarding two new cd's that are going to be released on July 19th from Tokyo Disney Resort!!! Since This is the 5th Anniversary of Tokyo Disney Sea, they will release quite a few releases...
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    Tarzan! The Broadway Musical Out Now!!!

    hi guys, just thought i would remind evreyone that "Tarzan"-The Broadway Musical is now out on CD! This Cd is just great it has all of the original songs in the film featuring 9 new songs. All the songs are sung by the Cast, and one new song sung by Phil Collins!. So if you don't have your copy...
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    shows and parades collection

    My gosh! i just wanted to share with you how much my collection has grown over the years ive wanted to collect disneyland parades and shows from the past and now i think that my collection is quite complete i have mostly evreything disneyland has produced. All the music i have is crystal clear...
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    parade of dreams music

    hey guys, i know i posted something about the parade of dreams music before but, i forgot to ask that i was looking for some music myself! if anyone can help me out please e-mail me!!! i am looking for..... Aladdins Royal Caravan (1992 parade at Disneyland) Beauty and the Beast Live (1992 show...
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    GOSH I AM SO LUCKY! why do you ask? well i bought all of the 50th anniversary cd releases for a cheap price! First on May 5th i bought my 6 cd set $124 regular price i got it for $64.00 YAY!( i had a cast member discount for 50 percent off) then i got the two disc set regular price $24.95 i got...
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    last night i got to see a fantastic rehersal of "Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams! & Remember Dreams Come True! They had the full run-throughs with just some missing costumes but the music was just awesome!!!. The soundtrack to the parade was done by Mark Hammond who does the Disney Mania cd's and...
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    Disneyland 50th Cd set revealed!!!!!!!!!!!kinda...

    I have great news guys! its the news that you guys have been waiting for and here it is: This information came from the Disneyland Line this week (Disneyland Line is a publication for the cast members sorta like a newspaper) but this is what the information said... Walt Disney records is...
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    TDL Treasures of Fantasy?

    hi guys i was wondering if you could help me out? yesterday i went my local collectible store down the street to my house and to my surprise they had the Tokyo Disneyland Treasures of Fantasy cd set for sale. The price they are asking for is $240.00 i was wondering if this is a good price for...
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    Disneyland Anniversary Songs

    hi Disney Music Fans, i was just thinking about something intresting that came to mind well, since we are coming towards the 50th anniversary can you remember some of the past anniversary songs? i think it went like this: "Disneyland's Tenncennial" 10 years of fantasy 10 years of fun...
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    hi guys, i just found out that the new music for the new Disneyland 50th (Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams)the song is "WELCOME" from the animated feature BROTHER BEAR. The song will be used as the main theme for the parade as the diffrent floats will have thier corresponding music from that...
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    hi guys, i just got back from WDW two days ago and i really had a blast especially with philharmagic! i think its such a great film!!. Well anyways, i was wondering if anyone has the music to Cinderella's Surprise Celebration? i saw that show at WDW and fell in love with it. Ive seen it floating...
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    hi disney music fans, i am currently looking for two cd's that are not in print anymore i am willing to get a copy if not the original and willing to give something in exchange for it. The two albums i am looking for are: TOKYO DISNEYLAND MAGICAL MUSIC ON PARADE AND DISNEYLAND PARIS FEEL THE...
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