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    Rodentsections Gone?

    Mousebits/DCtorrents gone? The site has been gone for 24 hours...anyone know what's up? Please don't tell me they're gone!!!
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    The Seas w/Nemo and Friends - Music info?

    Now that Nemo at EPCOT has soft opened, I was wondering if anyone has heard the music from it yet. I'm curious specifically about the entrance music - is it still the old 'Living Seas' music, or did they completely ditch that for some Nemo score tracks? Also whether the queue line/attraction is...
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    Dc-torrents - New bittorent for Disney park audio/video

    Has anyone else seen the site They've got a large selection of unreleased Disney audio that you can upload/download using Bittorrent. They have a large selection of video as well, even a video camera'd full WDW resort tv loop. Pretty cool, just thought I'd pass along the link!
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    Assisted Listening Device?

    I'm heading to WDW in a week or two, and I know that you can rent the assisted listening devices that pump the master audio wirelessly into a portable headset. Has anyone ever rented one of these? Are there any ports on it? Tried to use it to record audio? Curious, as this could be a new way to...
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    6-CD set has been available at 20th Century at DL for awhile now!

    I wanted to let you guys know that despite the May 5th release date, the 6-CD Limited Edition set has been available for brief periods at the 20th Century Music Shop on Main Street. They got another shipment today, but they're all out again at this point. They get approximately 100 sets per day...
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    Another legend gone - Sam McKim passed away 7/9 :(

    On 7/9, Sam McKim passed away. No one has mentioned it much at this point, so I thought I'd let everyone know. For anyone who ever owned a Disneyland wall map, you've seen his incredible work. He will be missed...