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    WDW Main Street Cinema Question

    Before the Main Street Cinema converted into VMK, it was a gift shop with a large screen in the back playing a montage of clips from the various Disney parks worldwide. It was short and dated and is no longer there, but I have a question for those that remember it : I could have sworn that the...
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    Disney Records Japan page updated with TDR Albums

    The page was just updated today with all the new albums that have been recently released at TDR. Music samples are not up yet, except for one, which is the "Disney's Hawaiian Album". On the cover is the concept art for the new Tiki Room. The entire album is standard Disney songs made to sound...
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    Tokyo DisneySea/land Music Albums 2008

    The Japanese Amazon site has them up for preorder with Japanese only track listings. From a pretty basic online translating service, it looks like we may get the new Sinbad ride through mix: 1. [akuasuhuia] plaza ~ day 2. [poruto] [paradeizo] (port [temasongu]) [[medeiterenianhaba]] 3. American...
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    TDR Dreams of the 25th Update

    Dreams Of The 25th Update From This 3-CD set includes: CD 1 - Tracks voted by guests. (All tracks are already released on CD.) CD 2 - Tracks of Daytime Parades & Nighttime Parades CD 3 - Tracks of Regular Shows Released on July 1 at Tokyo Disney Resort. Later released...
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    Dreams of the 25th - Remember the Music

    From Vote your favorite Tokyo Disney Resort music for past 25 years and let's make our memorial CD! Vote can be done at Walt Disney Records Japan CELL PHONE website using a Japanese cell phone. Popular tracks through vote will be selected and recorded on CD. The...
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    Dive Into Disney

    I recently got this album and have a few questions as to where it came from. It looks to be a Disney produced Japanese import with these insane versions of Disney songs (MSEP, Pirates, MMC, etc.)...It sounds like garage band was given trumpets and horns and told to go to town. Anybody have any...
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    Little Mermaid On Broadway Track Listing and Release Date

    Just put on Amazon. The Little Mermaid Cast album is set to be released February 5, 2008. Here is the track Listing - 1. Overture 2. Fathoms Below/ Where I Belong - Sailors, Pilot, Prince Eric, Grimsby 3. Daughters of Triton - Mersisters 4. The World Above - Ariel 5. Human Stuff - Scuttle...
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    It's Out - Magic Kingdom Events CD

    Just saw it on the rack and have a friend picking it up for me now. More information to come as soon as I have it in my hands.
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    Halloween 2007 and Countdown Parade Questions

    Just have a few... 1) I have the audio files, but have yet to receive my disc, so it's been driving me crazy. Can someone look up the lyrics for "One More Ghost" from the Halloween 2007 parade? Here is what I need help with: "One more ghost to reach one thousand one more ghost to join the...
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    Disney On Parade - Hong Kong Disneyland Audio Check that out. It's probably the clearest recording on the song I have heard. Anyone good at ripping anything from youtube?
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    Tokyo Halloween 2007 Information

    Here it is guys: All this years Halloween events will be themed to the Haunted Mansion. The parade will be called Disney's Halloween Happy Haunted Parade. Quite a mouthful. Apparently, all the Disney characters will be dressed like those from The Haunted Mansion After dark, the Disney...
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    Blazing Rhythms

    Just a quick question for anyone who can answer. What are the differences between the 3 different years of Blazing Rhythms? And was it just 3 years? 2003, 2004, 2005? Thanks!
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    Cool The Heat 2007

    Does anybody know how this years soundtrack differs from the 2006 version?
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    Voice of Peter Pan

    I have a bet going. Does anyone know who provides the voice for Peter Pan, specifically for the Disney Dreams Come True Parade and Dream Along With Mickey? Any help you guys could provide would be terrific. For reference, I set this up. The first is from Dreams Come True Parade, the second...
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    Nemo Subs Question

    I know that the initial press release said that they would use 'Big Blue World' in the finale of the Subs. So the question is, do they actually use it or did it get cut? I haven't seen it mentioned in any of the reviews.
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    The Many Adventurers of Winnie the Pooh

    New WDW Frontierland Area Music I was walking through Frontierland today and noticed the area over by Thunder Mountain was playing different music. Still country western type saloon music, but I remember that this area used to play the normal Frontierland loop. It's alot louder in the Thunder...
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    At World's End Tracks

    A Favorite site of mine has the At World's End soundtrack up for download. You can get the whole thing for like, 2 bucks:
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    Magic Music Of The Week

    So here is my idea... I was looking into uploading some music to Rodentsections, but the mods gave me such a hard time when I tried to get upload rights. I have alot of rare and fun music that I would like to share, but Rodentsections would not be the place I want to do it. So my idea is to...
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    Busch Parks Music

    Slightly off topic, but here it goes... So I just called up Seaworld and was on hold for awhile. The hold music featured versions of 'The Horizon' from Blue Horizons, as well as the Introduction of KaTonga. I own both of these albums, and these versions were completely different (and better)...
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    A Star Is Born

    Hey guys, Can you help me identify this version of 'A Star Is Born'. It's one of the best I have heard, however, it is not the one featured on the Original Soundtrack. Any of you guys know? It's featured in this video: