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    The Lost Chords Albums

    It's been years since I posted here but I was surprised no one has noted the release of the new Lost Chords album series. The albums in this series include demo and recordings cut from Disney animated movies. Albums from the series for The Aristocats and The Rescuers are available on iTunes and...
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    A Bit of a Song from The Princess and The Frog?

    Howdy everyone, It's been forever since I posted but I wanted everyone to know that a snippet of a potential song from the 2009 hand-drawn The Princess and the Frog can be heard at's movie page. matt d.
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    When worlds collide: Disney Album Cover Pins?!

    Hi Everyone, I thought some of you might find this interesting or funny... Disney's on-line store has a collection of pins (yes those things) representing five Disney album covers. :) Crazy, isn't it? matt d.
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    10% off 6-CD set for Disney Visa Cardholders

    Hi Everyone, I was just checking out how very, very bad my upcoming Visa bill is going to be ;) and noticed that the Disney Visa site has a 10% off coupon for cardholders if they purchase the "A Musical History of Disneyland" 6 CD set from Disney Direct. Check it out! :D matt d.
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    Home on the Range Soundtrack Release Date...

    The release date appears to be March 30th according to Walmart and Thought you'd like to know. :) - matt d.
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    Special Edition Treasure Planet CD at DS?

    Howdy Everyone Anyone know if the Disney Store or maybe Target will have a special edition of the Treasure Planet soundtrack CD? I'll ask next time I'm in the Store and let you all know but if someone else is already in the know, mind sharing? :)
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    End of the Disney Club

    Happy Halloween Everyone! But how does the Disney Company celebrate? They end the Disney Club in December 2003. I just got my montly update and next year is the last year for the Disney Club. I guess it isn't a huge deal since there isn't a whole lot in the Disney catalogue or store that I want...
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    Haunted Mansion Holiday: Update or not?

    With the current interpretation that the press release for the Haunted Mansion Holiday make-over will include an update of the music with more Elfman music, I was wondering what people here at The Forum thought. As an Eastcoaster, I was lucky and got to visit Disneyland last year and I really...
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    New Soundtracks are on

    Hi Everyone, Disney has posted track listings on their websie for the three soundtracks that are going to be released tomorrow. And Pete's Dragon will include the song "Boo Bop Bopbop Bop (I Love You, Too)".
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    Your Favorite Disney Villain Song

    Howdy Everyone!Here's another poll! One CD I have made for myself is a Disney's Villains Mix. These songs are some of my favorites! So, please, if you will, let me know what your favorite villain song is.Waa-haa-haa-haa-haa! - matt d.
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    What's the address for CD Japan?

    Hi Everyone! I have recently lost all of my favorite links on my web navigator. Could someone help me out and remind me what the web address for CD Japan is? (The site where I pre-ordered the three new Tokyo Disney Seas CDs.) Thanks!! matt d.