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    Tomorrowland Area Music

    The best listening position is the area between the Tomorrowland Stage, Space Ranger Spin, Carousel of Progress, and the AstroJets. Go in the morning when there's not as much noise around.
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    Playlist Soarin' Over California Queue

    Is this the loop you were asking about? If so, it wasn't quite old enough to be in the archives... ;)
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    I just bought Jungle Book 2 OST. Why?

    I love the arrangements on "A Disney Spectacular" (this was the first orchestral arrangement of Baroque Hoedown that I ever heard - my impetus for purchasing the cd in the first place). I also own the other two Kunzel cds, but hardly ever play them.
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    Disneyland DVD?

    This is a great DVD. I'm too young to have seen these on tv and I don't have cable so I've never been able to see Vault Disney. As a result, there was tons of footage that I had never seen before. It's always great to see Walt enjoying his dream come to life for all to see.
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    question on the 100 years CD

    Track time is 4:10. It is similar to track 8 on the Magic in the Streets album: almost identical arrangements throughout - 100 Years version ends w/ piano only, Magic version ends w/ orchestra. The big difference is in the vocal tracks - on the 100 Years version, the first verse is sung by a...
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    Playlist Polynesian Resort [1995]

    I believe the resort itself can provide you with this list. You can contact the Polynesian at (407) 824-2000. There is also a website out there with bgm lists for several of the WDW resorts including the Polynesian. Maybe someone else remembers the site (I think whomever runs it used to be a...
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    Parades and Shows in the parks

    If I remember correctly, the ferris wheel at DL's State Fair was placed at both the Central Plaza and Town Square in different years. I also remember a second ferris wheel along Big Thunder Way. Does anyone else remember this?
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    Energizer Millennium Promo CD

    There is no narration on this cd at all...
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    Music related topc

    For me, it would go back to 1981. After having seen the MSEP @ DL several times those first few summers when it was brought back, my parents bought me the 7" EP of the soundtrack & the '80 OA of DL/WDW. Ever since then, I've been hooked. They had taken Super-8mm home movies of the parade &...
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    Jeff & Bean Counter's Own Topic

    Jeff, I got Mickey Mouse in Black & White for Christmas and it is very well done. It's the same collection of shorts that appeared in the laserdisc box set several years ago except that they've added one more - "The Karnival Kid". But almost all of the bonus material is brand new...
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    it's a small world tokyo

    bb, This cd is awesome and has become one of my all-time favorite Disney theme park albums. If you're a fan of the original version from the World's Fair, this disc is a must-have item. The following are links to relevant threads from this site's archives in chronological order regarding the...
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    OT-PotC Movie Teaser Trailer

    It also was aired on tv this past week as well. You're right, not much to see but still very intriguing...
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    Tokyo Disney Music

    If you like the original music for It's a Small World, the cd released earlier this year by Avex in Japan is the definitive version to date and a must have. Several threads including tracklistings and various reviews were posted here shortly after its release.
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    Treasure Planet

    A terrific film/tv resource, The Internet Movie Database ( not only updates box office figures weekly, but maintains all-time figures as well. Subscribers to get complete daily updates of box office figures and much more...Here's a link to the figures...
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    Help needed

    Yep! Although you'll need 4 things other than your cd burner and cd creation software to do the job: 1. Recording software to capture the incoming audio stream and clean it up if necessary. Some really good ones have been mentioned in recent posts regarding audio file editing. Newer...
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    Walt DVD

    Although released on VHS almost a year ago, this has yet to make it out on DVD. I cannot find any info. on it as an upcoming release anywhere, but I seem to remember someone here knew why they decided not to release it on DVD yet. Maybe they could repost that info?
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    Main Street Electrical Parade

    Yes, there are several of us here who would give anything for this grail of sorts... ;)
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    End of the Disney Club

    Ah yes, the good old days of The Disney News... Since I enjoy the resorts more than any other aspect of WDC, I used to love this magazine since it focused more on the happenings at the parks and had the most in-depth articles imaginable. Remember the great multi-part articles they always had...
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    Jeff & Bean Counter's Own Topic

    AMEX is still the official cc of the Disneyland Resort so they still have the white glove treatment discounts...
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    Help! I need a Mp3 Organizer!

    Organizing by directories has always been my choice as well...