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    A Musical Tour: Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives

    Having just visited the exhibit about two weeks ago (it's excellent, by the way) I can verify that there are at least some of these tracks playing in the exhibit, so maybe this has changed since you visited. I noticed there were some slight modifications made to some of the exhibits from when it...
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    WDR Update 2010

    I know that Rhino rereleased "Muscle Beach Party" on vinyl back in 1984, along with a few other Annette LP's, but I don't believe that Rhino ever released it on CD. A label in Japan released several Annette CD's in the early 1990's,which I believe included "Muscle Beach Party", and which are...
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    Disney Albums We'll Never See Released?

    Ken, For your information, you've listed the speed for that Orange Bird EP as 45rpm. The FS series actually plays at 33 1/3 rpm.
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    Mickey Mouse Club records commercial

    I found this fun little clip on an Original Mickey Mouse Club fan site. It's an old commercial from 1956 of Annette and Jimmie Dodd promoting the original series of Mickey Mouse Club records.
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    Music Land (1935)

    I know that part of the chase scene in the garden is a popular tune from the 1880's called "Peekaboo".
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    Song of the South

    Hmm. I saw that exhibit when it was in Hemet, California and I don't remember seeing this album there. I guess they must have made some changes from location to location. I remember seeing a photo of the exhibit when it was in Seattle and they had Darlene Gillespie's Mickey Mouse Club tee shirt...
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    Annette Funicello - Let's Get Together

    It is not the duet version. It's a completely different version with just Annette. As far as I know it has never been released on a recording, unless it was on a promotional disc of some kind. But it's probably in an audio vault somewhere. If anybody could find it I would say Randy Thornton...
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    The Sherman Brothers Songbook

    Yes, it was a contractual issue. Bobby Darin, who sang the title song for the film, was contracted to another record label at the time, I believe it was Reprise, and so his version could not be issued as a recording, which is why they had to have another singer do the recordings.
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    Disney Music Exhibit Coming to Southern CA

    I'm afraid I never even thought of taking pictures or recording. I have quite a good retentive memory though, so I can pretty much tell you all the things she played and showed. Here are some: -First record with a Disney song: "Mickey Mouse Song" on a 7" Playtime children's record, early...
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    Disney Music Exhibit Coming to Southern CA

    Just curious to know if anybody on this board went to see this presentation and what they thought about it. I don't recall seeing much about it or any of the details. I saw the exhibit while it was in Hemet and very much enjoyed it. They did a pretty good job of balancing the various areas of...
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    The Wonderful World of David Oneal

    He doesn't seem to be selling copyrighted audio anymore, and hardly any copyrighted programs either, so maybe he's being a little more discrete. We'll see.
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    See, Hear, and Read

    Thanks for that. It was nice to hear it again so many years later.
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    See, Hear, and Read

    If you happen to have "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" I would love to hear that again. I had it when I was a child and it was one of my favorites. I haven't heard it in years.
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    See, Hear, and Read

    superdave913, you have a great little site going on. Thanks for sharing these vintage recordings. Regarding these "See, Hear, and Read" records: in the book "Mouse Tracks" the authors claim that the second Disneyland story reader, Lois Lane, did not redo any of the recordings that Robie Lester...
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    1961 Parent Trap Question

    It's kind of annoying having a thread on here with the initial posting deleted so that most of us don't know what song you guys are talking about. What gives?
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    Q for Randy: Pinocchio on Blu-ray

    It's not just that 1990 RCA CD release that has the missing lines. I have heard them on several Disney produced releases as well, including the "Best of Disney, Vols 1 and 2" from 1978, and others as well. It's always interesting listening to see if the lines are going to be there or not. It...
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    Walt Disney's Story of Peter Pan

    Yes, it's Ginny Tyler.
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    Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music play the music of Walt Disney

    I haven't heard enough Lawrence Welk music to know if I'm a fan or not, but I've always been a fan of this album. The arrangements are very well done, and the performers do a good job. The sound quality is also quite good. Check it out.
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    Wlat Disney's Song Parade

    Rich T, That is J. Pat O'Malley as Tweedle Dum (or Tweedle Dee, I'm not sure which, or maybe both) on the record. He recorded for Golden Records in the early 50's and so they used him on the Alice in Wonderland records.
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    Currently Featured on "Ears" Record Player

    The song "1925" is actually from a "Fun with Music Day" skit on the second season of the Mickey Mouse Club TV show. It was recorded by Cliff Edwards for a Mickey Mouse Club record called "Roll Up the Rug for more Mouskedances" in 1956 and included on several subsequent compilations. It was not...