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    April Fools!

    **Image of Sharon popping her head in for the first time in....3 years? 4?** Another April 1st rolled around and I wondered if the Disney Music board had an April Fools joke played on it, as had been done in the WAY distant past. I decided to check the board out for myself, even though the last...
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    Attn: Greg Ehrbar

    Greg- I sent you a private message here on the Disney Message Discussion Forum about 10 or 12 days ago. I know it's hard to notice when you have a new private message with this software, so Im just giving you a heads up. Thanks! -Sharon- Orlano FL
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    Songwriter Joel Hirschhorn passes away

    He was part of the team who wrote the music for Freak Fridy and Pete's Dragon. -Sharon- Orlando FL
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    Robin Hood Soundtrack

    I'm asking on behalf of a friend of mine, but he doesn't know it, since I'd like to do this for him for Christmas. Has anyone ever seen a CD of the music from Robin Hood? It can even be from another country, as long as it was the original soundtrack, sung in English . My friend LOVED his LP...
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    Wonderland Music Company is at WDW!!!!!

    And what's more, it's apparently been there for THREE WEEKS already...why didn't anybody tell us??? It's in the "theater" storefront, where they used to show Steamboat Willie, where they now sell Pal Mickeys, CDs and tout Disney's new Virtual Themepark online game. The Wonderland computer is...
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    OT - Liza Minnelli Talked About Me!

    I keep forgetting to relay this story here. I already sent it to a coupla people via email but before all the spark goes out of it for me, I'll tell it here too. I went to NY on Sunday to see the final perfomance of Toxic Audio's Off-Broadway show. Just before the final song in the show, Ren...
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    A thousand messages. Lord, I need to get a life. Anyway, congratulations to me. -Sharon-
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    Re:OT: Are you Mansion people nuts...?

    Yeah, we learned about it early on Hey, if people have money to burn, who are we to say anything? -Sharon-
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    How Do I DO This Stuff????

    OK, so I'd REALLY like to get involved with Usenet...the message boards and all that binaries stuff. Mainly the binaries, cuz I can get the message boards through Google when I'm desperate. I've downloaded XNews and it's just TOTALLY confusing so I've given up on it. I've looked for software...
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    Attn: JoeInJpn and/or Yoshi

    I'm hoping that either of you can help me to find out if Nara Dreamland is still open? We're going to Japan in April and want to go there for 1 day, just to see what it's like...but only if it's still open! Thanks! -Sharon-
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    Totally OT - Free, easy Midi editor?

    OK so I'm OT once again. Surprise surprise. Can anyone recommend an easy-to-use Midi editor, preferably in the form of freeware? All I want to do is cut a song so I can use it as a ringtone, so I don't need bells and whistles. I thought that my Audacity program could do this, but I was...
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    Current Wonderland Music Co. CDs?

    A friend of mine is going to DL in a few weeks and offered to get me DL stuff if I wanted. Is there anyplace that has a listing of the CDs that are currently available at the Wonderland Music Co., so I can compare it to what I already have? Thanks! -Sharon-
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    Menken and Rice's 'King David' Will Rule Again

    Menken and Rice's 'King David' Will Rule Again Tue Aug 24, 4:03 PM ET Add Arts and Stage - Playbill to My Yahoo! Kenneth Jones Playbill On-Line Lyric Stage, the Dallas area theatre company devoted to rare and new musicals, will present the first regional presentation of Alan Menken and...
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    Off Topic - I survived Charley. On Topic - So did my Disney CDs <G>

    We were VERY, very lucky. If you look at Charley's path, he went right over us, more or less. Our house has only minor damage (1 shingle missing, 2 smll tears in our lanai). Our neighbors were not so lucky...there is LOTS of MAJOR roof/shingle damage, lanai's that were twinted linto tinkertoys...
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    YOO HOO! Ben C.!

    Please check your PM here and/or AOL e-mail. Thanks! -Sharon-
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    OT - Anyone in, or know someone in the NYC Area? Need a possible favor

    Bumping this up to the top one more time, with a slight edit to include "do you know anybody," just to let myself know that I tried the best that I could. :'( Going to keep my exact request quiet until it goes into e-mail but is anyone on this list: 1. Living in the NYC area (or knows and...
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    OT - Need Audio/Recording Help, Please!

    Hey y'all! There is an online radio show that is going to be broadcast this Friday and Tuesday. It's played via Windows Media Player though I'm sure I could play it through RealPlayer, etc. Thing is, I want to record the show, for my own personal use. I have MusicMatch and/or a minidisc...
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    Hey Mike Frezon! re: Return 2 Zero

    Did you know about their newest CD that was released in October? Only available online. -Sharon-
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    Sort of OT: Toxic Audio Off Broadway

    This is SORT of on topic, because Toxic Audio played as the opening act for the B&TB show at the Disney-MGM studios in the late 1990's and early 2000's. And several of the "Toxins" have been in Voices of Liberty, American Vybe and Disney MC's through the years. But now they're on their own, in...
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    I Bought the Home On The Range CD Today

    And not only that....I already LISTENED TO IT! Put THAT into your pipe and smoke it, Mr. Bill! Neener, neener, neener! Oh yeah. Dang good CD, too. Very Broadwayesque. Just my style . I bought 5 other Disney CDs today. Haven't opened them yet. Maybe next year. Decade. Century. -Sharon-