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    Musical history national release

    I'm pretty sure the black has come out. It's been on sale through DisneyDirect since May.
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    Musical history national release

    K, I feel dumb, I just read over your post again and I think I get it now. Limited edition =gold(5k), special edition =black(15k so far). Corect me if I'm wrong. Thx again for your awesome and speedy reply before!
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    Musical history national release

    Thx Randy, I'm still a bit confused. by special edition are you taking about the one with the black vinyl, cause I thought only 5k were being made of the gold. I thought the gold was the special edition. Sry, If I sound a little misinformed, I'm just a bit confused. Btw, I already have my set...
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    Musical history national release

    I heard that the edition of "A Musical History of Disneyland" with the black vinyl is actually more rare than the 5000 gold ones because after the huge boom of sales early on demand greatly dropped and less than 5000 black records needed to be produced. If there is any truth to this do u think...
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    Disneyland 6 CD Set Numbers

    I got #591
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    6 Disc Set and DelivEars Delay

    CALL THEM! I had virtually the same thing told to me over the phone yesterday. I asked to speak to a supervisor and the supervisor said "I assure you we will have one to your home later today." Maybe that's why mine was second day air. Was anyone elses?
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    6 Disc Set and DelivEars Delay

    Recieved mine 2day, I was happy to see that shipping was upgraded to 2nd day air! ;D
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    6 Disc Set and DelivEars Delay

    I calle dgain today and they siad... r u ready for this?... THEY SHIPPED! I wanted o try and get my shipping money back because of the delay but I was unsucessful, I am happy now though ;D
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    6 Disc Set and DelivEars Delay

    I ordered mine bright and early on the 3rd as well. I am pretty upset that they just keep pushing the shipping day back. I have been calling every day complaining to them. I am actually quite angry to say the least, they should have realized that considering the crowd this set is geared...
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    "Musical History of Disneyland" review posted at Laughing Place

    Now I'm even more anxious for mine to arrive!
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    "Parade of Dreams" video download?

    Knowing RU42 he will have a NICE multi-edit available fairly soon.
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    Disneyland 50th Cd set revealed!!!!!!!!!!!kinda...

    YAY! Fisrt post! Anyway, how much can we expect the 6 disc+vinyl to cost. I am going on a high school trip this summer and am trying to figure out how much money I need to save and bring with me. Thx! ;D