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    Disneyan merchandise

    Hey all, It's been awhile since I've been able to post due to many (positive) personal issues. Because of those issues, I am having to sell some of my Disney merchandise... The two main pieces I am interested in selling are my LE Haunted Mansion Backwards Watch (the 13 o'clock Grandfather Clock...
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    carousel of progress rumor kindof off topic

    Which is exactly what Jim Hill said. Jim Hill certainly may not be 100% perfect with his information. And he pissed of a lot of people with his less than positive opinions about "Save Disney." But he's more connected than most of us... Give the guy a break- he's only human. The Tink
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    Eisner to step down

    Bingo! Eisner has effectively "won" the war by being able to go out on his terms and on his schedule. Like it or not, he used the his boardroom intelligence to outlast and survive the initial attacks by Roy and co. Because he was able to survive the initial barrage of media complaints, he was...
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    Disney EP's on iTune

    That's my guess, although I would love to see you turn out to be correct. But if they are looking at another option, I kind of doubt it would be through Apple's store, as Jobs and Eisner still hate each other (apparently). Unless Eisner has enough business sense left to work the one digital...
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    Darby O Gill DVD & What Obscure Disney TV Shows would you like on DVD?

    I'd be happy to see any of the old Disneyland/WD Presents TV shows. I'd love the complete Zorro as well. As for the Donald in Mathmagic Land," I was suprised as well, until I looked at some of the other shorts and cartoons that haven't been released yet. I'm now guessing that sometime in the...
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    Off Topic - I survived Charley. On Topic - So did my Disney CDs <G>

    Thankfully you survived. :) But i was hoping that your CD's might have been blown across the country to my house... Tink
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    Disney's "Rapunzel" info!!

    Yes, Kristin has a lovely voice, but will she pull the diva-crap she pulled with "Wicked" that kept the show from being a masterpiece and instead turned it into a two and a half long mugging session for her? Why couldn't they have gotten Idina, who rocks the world? All that being said- I...
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    Randy and all: Can "Song of the South" be part of Wonderland Music?

    Well said. Although I like to always remember that the internet is indeed for porn... Tink
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    Randy and all: Can "Song of the South" be part of Wonderland Music?

    Michael- "Blazing Saddles," like many of Mel Brooks films, used satire and parody to remove any power from racist/bigoted thought. That's why "The Producers" and "Blazing Saddles" are comedy classics. As for "Song of the South," having watched it not too long ago (thank god for friends with...
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    disney music on Itunes

    Wow! Here I was expecting this to be a question about why there was no Disney music on iTunes and low and behold, it's an announcement about it finally appearing! What I now want to know is what company finally decided to play nice.... Was it Jobs or Eisner? Thankfully I haven't used any of my...
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    The Perfect CEO

    Brilliant! Now if only it was easy to get a new CEO as it is to get a new Nanny.... Sigh... Tink
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    PayPal Link

    Trent- Haven't paid yet, but am planning to. Have you thought about doing the Amazon payment thing? Tink
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    O/T- Tigger arrested at WDW...

    Bill- Which resort was it? It sounds like Port Orleans/Dixie Landings/whatever the heck they are calling it nowadays... Whatever the resort, I wanna book me a room! ;) Tink
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    O/T- Tigger arrested at WDW...

    A bit of creepy news.... Tink
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    Brother Bear DVD

    Awww...C'mon! It wasn't that bad. I didn't think it got boring until at least 30 minutes into it... ;) Actually, for what the film was, I enjoyed it. I only wish I had seen it when I wasn't doped up on medication. Perhaps that's why I remember it being more comical than everyone else....
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    CD/Music Stores in Manhattan?

    When I'm in NYC, I always check out Colony Music, in Times Square. It's about a block away from the TKTS booth. It is pricey, but always has a great selection all types of music and amazing imports/out-of-print stuff. Tink
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    O/T Winnie the Pooh lawsuit news

    I'm assuming many of you saw this already, but the judge in the Pooh lawsuit threw the case out in a VERY definitive fashion. According to many analysts, he worded his decisions in a way that means it's almost impossible for the Slessinger family to appeal the decision. Tink
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    Somewhat O/T- Julie Andrews Singing Voice

    Wow... And I thought I disliked the rampant pin-traders... ;) Tink
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    Light Magic -The Soundtrack

    But great music.... ;)
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    Somewhat O/T- Julie Andrews Singing Voice

    Bill- I never meant to insult you, so if I did I apologize. As to the rest of the name calling, I think we can all agree that we hope for the best in regards to Julie Andrews and let's just leave it at that? ;) Tink