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    Tokyo Disneyland Fantasyland Area Music

    Is it possible if anyone could obtain a recording of Tokyo Disneyland's Fantasyland Area Music? I'm not referring to the Carousel music. I'm referring to the background music that plays throughout most of their Fantasyland, including Captain Hook's Galley and the restrooms near Pinocchio's...
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    2007 WDW and DL Official Albums: Any New News?

    Has there been any new news leaked out regarding the next versions of the WDW and DL Official Albums yet?
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    Request: Main Street Christmas Area Music

    Could some please provide a link to download the Main Street Xmas Area Music from? I've been looking really hard to find it and I'd like to hear it again soon.
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    Original WDW Snow White Ride

    Does anybody here have any sound files, videos or pictures of the original WDW Snow White ride (the one that was MUCH scarier and didn't have Snow White herself in it)?
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    Thurl Ravenscroft, Dead at 91

    Sad news, folks. Thurl Ravenscroft just recently passed away. Thurl was one of my favorite voice actors. Rest in peace, Thurl. We will miss you.:(
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    New Magic Kingdom Entrance Loop

    While I was at the Magic Kingdom yesterday, I heard an updated BGM loop at the main entrance. It contains new songs, as well as ones from the previous loop.
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    Question for Randy: DL Splash Mountain Track

    Randy, why do you leave out the hitchhiking crocodile (why don't you take me along) tracks on the Disneyland Splash Mountain CD tracks?:'( I'm especially disappointed that you left that part of the soundtrack out on the DL 6-CD set. The hitcchiking croc is one of the best parts of the...
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    Anthology series theme songs

    Does anybody out there have any mp3s of any of the theme songs that accompanied the openings of the various incarnations of Disney's anthology series? I'm especially looking for mp3s of the "Disney's Wonderful World" theme from the late 70s/80s and the "Walt Disney" theme from the early 80s...
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    Track listings for upcoming DL and WDW albums?

    Randy Thornton, if you're out there, what are the track listings for the upcoming Disneyland and Walt Disney World CDs? Also, will the new WDW album contain soundtracks from such recent attractions as Journey into Imagination with Figment, Mickey's Philharmagic and Stitch's Great Escape?
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    Mickey Mouse Revue song lyrics and pre-show narration

    Can anyone please provide me the lyrics (English, of course) to the songs in The Mickey Mouse Revue? They used to be in The Walt Disney World Song Archive, but that site seems to be gone. I'd also like to have an English transcription of the dialogue in the pre-show film, as well. I'd greatly...
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    Mickey Mouse Revue soundtracks in English

    Does anybody know where I can find the soundtracks of "The Mickey Mouse Revue" (both the main show and the pre-show film) in English? I'd greatly appreciate any help or assistance. Also, did the MMR's waiting lobby have a background music loop? If it did, what songs are/were in that loop?
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    Looking for Universe of Energy music

    Hey, everyone. I'm looking for mp3 files of music from the original (1982-1996) Universe of Energy, specifically the instrumentals including the Exit Music, the Load Music, the music before the pre-show and the exterior music. I'd greatly appreciate the help. Thanks again. Bye for now.
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    WDW Today Resort TV Station Music

    Just a recent stay at the Pop Century Resort, I wrote down a list of the songs that are played in the music loop heard on the "WDW Today" TV station. Here's the list: 1) Alice in Wonderland 2) I'm No Fool 3) It's a Small World 4) March of the Cards 5) Once Upon a Dream 6) I Wanna Be Like You 7)...
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    For Randy Thornton: Updated WDW/DL OA CD's for 2004?

    Randy Thornton, I'd like to ask if there'll be updated Walt Disney World and Disneyland Official Albums for 2004...with never-before-released/updated tracks and stuff, etc.? If a new 2004 WDW CD is in the works, will it include... -a different Main Street BGM piece (like "Let's Have a Drink On...
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    "Save Roger Rabbit" petition--April 2003 update

    If you don't recall... Last year, I created a petition to try to get Disney and Amblin/Dreamworks to put aside their differences so that Roger Rabbit and his co-stars (Jessica Rabbit, Baby Herman, Benny the Cab, the Weasels, etc.) can be able to appear in new Disney projects. As a lover of...
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    Is Randy Thornton still at Walt Disney Records?

    I'm curious to know... Is Randy Thornton still working at Walt Disney Records? If so, will he continue to give us great, fresh new material for future Disney theme park albums? Also, has anyone heard about any new Disneyland or California Adventure OAs yet?
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    2003 WDW Official Album--Any news?

    Is there any news on a "2003 Walt Disney World Official Album" being released this year? At the "Official Disneyana Mystery" events, I heard that a new WDW Official Album was on the way. Anything new? What tracks will be on it?
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    "Save Roger Rabbit" petition--The Latest

    The "Save Roger Rabbit" petition is now up to 618 signatures. Please keep signing this petition and telling others about it. The address is: That's all for now.
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    Question for Randy Thornton: New Disney Park Albums

    Randy Thornton, if you're out there, I have a question for you: Will there be any new Disney theme park albums (with new never-before released and stuff) coming out withing the coming year?
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    Update on the “Save Roger Rabbit” petition

    Here’s an update on the “Save Roger Rabbit” petition: The number of signatures is currently up to 339. Please keep signing it and tell others (friends, relatives, etc.) about it, so they can get involved in the cause too. The address is: