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  1. Dr. Know

    Disney Parks Official Album Releases — No More?

    What a monumental bore.
  2. Dr. Know

    Disney Dream BGM

    Information is power.
  3. Dr. Know

    The Spirit of a Venture: Walt Disney Records and Intrada

    This is a truly momentous development, and I can't think of a better label to partner with to produce this new line of cds. And here's hoping that the success of this venture will open the vault to some of the more offbeat titles that will appeal to fanatics like those of us who frequent these...
  4. Dr. Know

    Jack Wagner Reel-to-Reel Collection

    Incroyable! Merci beaucoup!
  5. Dr. Know

    Star Tours Exit Music

    I'm here too...
  6. Dr. Know

    Playlist Mickey Avenue

    Really makes you think that WDI goes out of its way to find the most obscure recordings for these loops just to drive us all mad!
  7. Dr. Know

    Playlist Soarin' Over California Queue

    Yes, we used the source file for the reconstruction. Not sure! Before this "appears to have been ripped from the film" Star Wars track, I would have doubted it, but now, anything's possible. :unsure: (You do know that by reminding me of this elusive recording of Battlestar Galactica, you're...
  8. Dr. Know

    Mickey's PhilharMagic Queue Music

    That sounds like an eminently worthwhile effort!
  9. Dr. Know

    Playlist Grand Californian Exterior

    It is basically a waste of time to reconstruct a loop from a tracklist -- you need the tracklist and a decent-quality reference recording to work out the edits and transitions. Many Disney loops involve some degree of editing of the various individual tracks. It is rare for a loop to consist...
  10. Dr. Know

    Disneyland Music Loops

    Mono is better than nothing. There are some good unreleased cues in that loop, including the Golden Dreams exit music.
  11. Dr. Know

    Disneyland Music Loops

    I stayed at the Disneyland Hotel in October and noticed that the Disneyland concourse loop was playing continuously on the "World of Color" channel on the hotel's television. Presumably this channel simulcasts the World of Color during the evening, though I wasn't in the room to verify that. I...
  12. Dr. Know

    Space Mountain

    Now that Disneyland is my "home" park, I have gotten used to Giacchino's terrific score for Space Mountain. During my recent trip to WDW, I found the lack of musical accompaniment left me with the feeling that something was missing. Naturally, the soundtrack was added just after my trip. I...
  13. Dr. Know

    Star Tours Exit Music

    Giacchino is the perfect choice for the new Star Tours. Now I am even more excited to experience the revised attraction.
  14. Dr. Know

    World of Color

    I would love to have a cd with the soundtracks to World of Color and Magical, but I'm not holding my breath.
  15. Dr. Know

    Playlist Soarin' Over California Queue

    I did this years ago. I seem to recall Airforce One is also edited, and there may be others as well.
  16. Dr. Know

    Epcot Entrance Music (Current)

    "Woods".... one of the great unsolved mysteries in the realm of Disney park music. I'm starting to think it might be a pseudonym...
  17. Dr. Know

    Disneyland Mr. Lincoln

    I'm sorry to hear that Joel McNeely's wonderful score for "New Great Moments" has apparently been retired, though I do look forward to experiencing the new/old attraction on my next visit to DL. Still hoping to hear some of his score for the Hall of Presidents. Wondering, too, if WDW will ever...
  18. Dr. Know

    Musical Notes from My Trip to WDW

    Just revisiting this old thread... that was a great trip in 2004. Timekeeper 8 or 9 times?!
  19. Dr. Know

    Help identifying Bruce Broughton track

    No. I made up that one track title ("Early Sound Cartoons") after Broughton posted this track last January.