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    DCA's Candy Corn Acres music

    Does anyone have a list of the songs that were played in the Candy Corn Acres area at DCA?
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    Is this Splash Mountain song available on any of the Official Albums?

    Just before you go up the hill before the big drop on DL's Splash Mountain, you hear the mother rabbit singing to her children.. I was wondering if this portion is on any of the ride throughs that are on the official albums?
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    re: Aladdin Musical CD

    Just curious, does anyone know who the main performers are on this Aladdin CD?
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    What music is in the Mulan Trailer?

    What music is played in the Mulan Trailer? I know it's not in the movie. It's used in a few other movie trailors, and I seem to remember hearing it in a movie.. I can't remember what movie though.. It might be Dragonheart or something. Does anyone know what movie or soundtrack it's on?