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  1. X-S Tech

    New Official Park Albums Available on August 20

    I might have missed it in the discussion, but is it possible that Pecos Bill plays in the Big Thunder queue? I believe that WDW's Big Thunder got new queue music a few years back, which pretty much coincided with the inclusion of this song on their Official Album. DL's BTM also received...
  2. X-S Tech

    Disney Parks Official Album Releases — No More?

    That Frontierland version of Pecos Bill is one I've never heard before. If I had to, I'd guess it's part of a new Big Thunder Loop, perhaps imported from WDW's BTM and due at DL's once it reopens.
  3. X-S Tech

    Disney Parks Official Album Releases — No More?

    So a CM in the Music store on Main st at Disneyland showed me their list of upcoming releases. Among them were Official Albums for resorts on both coasts, to be released July 30. I know some people will say, "Yeah but it will only be a few new tracks". Still, I'm happy with that. I understand...
  4. X-S Tech

    williamtaylor1969: Bootlegger, Recaster

    Am I the only one who is curious to find out what he might have from Communicore?
  5. X-S Tech

    Innoventions [DL]

    I'm sure this has all been said somewhere on this board in the distant past, but here's what I know about the DL Innoventions music. The outside loop differs from the inside loop, though both play Buddy Baker arrangements of the Sherman's "Great Big World of Innoventions". The interior loop...
  6. X-S Tech

    Bill Is Such a Great Guy

    Bill Is Such A Great Guy
  7. X-S Tech

    World of Color

    Hearing that Disney wasn't planning on a CD release for this, I was initially disappointed. Then I saw the show and decided, who cares? There was absolutely no music in the show that I felt the need to have. The pop version of WOrld of Color that is used at the beginning and end of the show is...
  8. X-S Tech

    Playlist The Star Trader [2003]

    Yes Star Tours does exit into the Star Trader, however only the first room you exit into is themed to Star Tours. I don't believe this room has a loop, but you can certainly hear the Star Tours music from the exit corridor. You then enter the Main room of the Star Trader, and this is where the...
  9. X-S Tech

    Tomorrowland Transit Authority

    While I find it interesting to evaluate this sort of thing, changes to narration on this type of attraction don't bother me that much. Peoplemovers, Monorails, Steamboats, and Railroads all fall into a category in my mind that are destined to be contstantly updated, far more frequently than...
  10. X-S Tech

    Tomorrowland Area Music [DL/WDW]

    If there is, I haven't seen it.
  11. X-S Tech

    Tomorrowland Area Music [DL/WDW]

    Tomorrowland BGM ala Raymond Scott The second post at the above link has a bunch of info about the Raymond Scott loop. The reconstruction is super super accurate. The original version of the loop was constructed by WDI from sources that were less than stellar and featured many cracks and pops...
  12. X-S Tech

    Lincoln Preshow... Pre Walt Disney Story

    Oh sorry. I hadn't listened to it for a long time and sometimes forget which version is on what disc.
  13. X-S Tech

    Lincoln Preshow... Pre Walt Disney Story

    Is there a chance that the version of Lincoln included on the DL 50th Set (the 6CD one) is as accurate as can be?
  14. X-S Tech

    Lincoln Preshow... Pre Walt Disney Story

    Fascinating DL Flight 295. Thanks! I find it incredible that they were debating a project as big as Liberty Square, or the American Adventure for DL, though I have to remind myself that was before the cartoonization of everything and the cost could probably have been somewhat deferred by...
  15. X-S Tech

    Lincoln Preshow... Pre Walt Disney Story

    Great questions Chris! I love finding these little wrinkles in Disney History, forgotten variations of shows and stuff that falls through the cracks of history. Unfortunately I don't know the answer. There are probably people who could tell you, though I don't know if any of them are on this...
  16. X-S Tech

    Tom Sawyer Island

    I've been told that Aunt Polly's had it's own loop, but have never had that verified.
  17. X-S Tech

    The Timekeeper / Le Visionarium

    New Timekeeper track on Bruce Broughton's site... It's the monthly featured track on the "listen" page and is very nice. I only recognize the beginning. Does anyone know what part of the attraction it is from?
  18. X-S Tech

    The Official Albums for 2008!

    A rip off? I think that's a really inaccurate statement. If a product is made that you don't want, don't buy it. Rip off implies that it's a scam- that the content is not worth the price charged. I'd say the Official Albums keep getting better and better. But if you read the tracklist, see that...
  19. X-S Tech

    williamtaylor1969: Bootlegger, Recaster

    I assume they would close his account. I would think they would even be within their rights to dissallow new accounts to be registered from his email or IP address.
  20. X-S Tech

    williamtaylor1969: Bootlegger, Recaster

    His story about the Disneyland kiosks is complete bunk. They were run, like WDW, by RedDot not this supertrack he mentions, . A simple look at the covers of any of the CD's will show the reddot logo. I don't remember the dates but I know the...