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    I'm sharing on my blog, please look!

    Hello my friends! I want to invite everyone to my blog... I hope you find something that causes smiles and excitement! :o Bill too, he is my favorite,next to Randy of course! ;D Steve
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    Phil Harris on Disneyland Label

    I have the following, Jungle Book Songs Aristocats Songs including NON soundtrack studio tracks Robin Hood Songs More Jungle Book 3 Songs What! No Mickey Mouse? Are there more? Are there enough to fill an album of just Pill Harris? I sense a list coming on... :D
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    Disgusted at Disney World

    I've traveled across the country every year since 1999 to visit "the parks", this year I found myself kinda flustered because I am looking at the same items for sale in the parks for ten years! The marketing dept for Disney is the worst. I mean Hanna Montana everywhere, the local Wal-Mart had a...
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    iTunes Wish List - Soundtracks/Vintage Disneyland LP's

    Itunes Wish List - Soundtracks/ Vintage Disneyland LP's I don't know If this has been asked before but, tell me about what albums or songs you would get most excited about. What do you want released? Songs from The Jungle Book AOJF Sword in the Stone Spring Fall Summer Winter (you guys know...
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    What are Your Favorite Vintage Disneyland LPs?

    What are your favorite vintage Disneyland LP's? Hello my friends! Let's talk about our favorite Disneyland Records. The ones that we listened to on our record players over and over. I think my favorite was Songs from The Jungle Book and other Jungle Favorites. Also Mickey Mouse and Friends was...